Can we admit the Mercy Rework was a Failure?

Here’s the list of the 13 nerfs Mercy has been hit with since her rework:

  • Pistol damage in Valkyrie reduced from 30 to 20.
  • Mercy’s pistol no longer receives an increase in fire rate while in Valkyrie.
  • Valkyrie flight speed reduced from 11 meters/second to 9 meters/second.
  • Guardian Angel’s cooldown no longer resets upon Resurrect’s activation.
  • Valkyrie no longer reduces Resurrect’s cooldown.
  • Resurrect now has a 1.75 second cast time unless Valkyrie is active.
  • Mercy’s movement speed is reduced by 75% while casting Resurrect.
  • Resurrect can now be interrupted through CC, knockback, and death. If interrupted, Resurrect begins its cooldown.
  • Mercy is no longer exempt from Resurrect’s cast time while Valkyrie is active.
  • Valkyrie no longer grants a charge of Resurrect upon activation.
  • Valkyrie’s GA movement speed bonus reduced by 50%.
  • Valkyrie’s duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Mercy’s primary beam healing output reduced from 60 health/second to 50 health/second.

And, for the sake of fairness, the 1 “buff”:

  • 60 HPS again, but only during Valkyrie.

Oh wait they removed that last part…

Are we REALLY going to keep calling the Mercy rework a success? What dos Valkyrie even DO any more? The only thing that made it feel like an Ultimate was its interactions with Resurrect.

The mistake they’ve yet to admit was putting Resurrect on a cooldown in the first place, and the steps they’ve had to take since to counterbalance it have left the character with a lackluster and unimpactful Ultimate that functions more like a cooldown ability.

Meanwhile the back breaking restrictions they’ve placed on Resurrect have limited its use to reversing the first pick of a team fight if its ABSOLUTELY safe, because every other situation becomes far too risky for far too little reward.

And to justify this incredibly niche ability they’ve nerfed her healing as well, so now she’s an off-healer with poor utility, or a main healer without enough healing or a decent Ultimate. Mercy is left with all of the downsides and no upside.

Resurrect should NEVER have been a cooldown. Its an iconic ability of Mercy’s and its ALWAYS going to be a powerful and impactful ability, but its one that she should have to earn and use properly, in other words, an Ultimate.

That being said, I don’t think going back to Mass Res is the way to fix this. Mass Res had its problems, though I’d argue far less than the 13 listed above that the Valkyrie Rework had.

In fact, I think that Valkyrie was actually onto something from the beginning, but the Dev team took the wrong steps towards balancing it, and in doing so, kept shooting themselves in the foot to try and balance for Resurrect on E, when that was the very thing breaking her that they needed to abandon.

What made the OG Valkyrie feel great was that it was an Ultimate you had to earn and choose when to use, you got to fly around and get those 3-4 Res’s one at a time. What broke it though was the lack of a cast time and no counterplay, the same issue Mass Res had.

The free flight, infinite ammo blaster, the chaining beams, the uninterruptible regen, all any of this does is remove the challenge from playing Mercy and locks her into EZ spectator mode, and its all Valkyrie does any more. Get rid of all of it. She doesn’t need it.

What I want is a duration where you get 3 charges of Res, give it about a 1 second cast time and a short cooldown between uses. This gives the enemy team the opportunity to try and counteract Mercy with knocks, stuns, hack, or by killing her. She could gain flight for the duration to help her get to teammates, or forgo it to instead let her rely upon Guardian Angel.

I think 3 charges is a good number. This gives you enough power to swing a fight not a straight 5 person Res. A 5 person full-team Mass Res was never a good idea in the first place. Realistically, you wanted to get 2-4 at most, 3 on average was good value. Having to do them one at a time with a short cooldown in between also gives the enemy the opportunity to simply defeat the Resurrected teammates again before you can regain a numbers advantage.

Remember though, this is the ONLY way Mercy should have to Res anyone. NO Res on E. It’s just dumb and not at all worth it.

This leaves Mercy with no more E ability though. Every other character in the game has abilities that give them temporary boosts in their effectiveness or some sort of utility, and Mercy needs this too.

Straight 60 HPS all the time was potentially problematic, but without any other abilities to help her, 50 HPS just isn’t enough. She needs some other ability to give her a burst of impact, either an AoE heal, or a temporary boost to her HPS, or some kind of healing boost like Ana’s biotic grenade, something.

This gives Mercy more agency besides holding RMB or LMB, and makes her a more skillful character with more room to make an impact if played well, or punishable if played poorly. Beam prioritization without chain beams is still important. Good positioning and Guardian Angel usage is also still important, especially without free flight. Whatever her new E ability would be, it’d be another option for her and another thing to learn to use well and not waste. Most importantly, her Ultimate would make Res fun, fair, and impactful again while still offer some level of counterplay to reward good decisions and gameplay and punish poor choices.

And I can’t stress enough how, right now, Mercy has none of this.

She has no agency and no impact. She’s not fun or engaging, she’s a fashion accessory for pocketing DPS and hoping they can carry you through your game. You have no room to express skill and get value from your gameplay decisions, you are only punished for every mistake you make. Even if you make no mistakes, it may not be good enough to carry your team because of her sheer lack of value and over-reliance on her teammates to get that value for her.

If you want a more in depth look into the problem with Mercy’s post-nerf rework, check out Titanium’s post here.


i mean, it did create far more problems trying to balance an ultimate on an ability than fix it
Blizz is a bit slow


Finally, someone is bold enough to suggest these changes.

Get rid of the Valk training wheels, a good mercy never needed them.

Once Valk is activated, the ultimate icon changes to rez and you now have to press q to rez teammates with 1 sec cast time. This will be balanced if we remove the Valk training wheels (Insta-regen, chain beams, free flight), if you want vertical height then use the super jump.

And Mercy’s new e-ability should be pacify from titanium’s thread. It is a debuff that fits Mercy’s theme.

Edit: I am not advocating for infinite rezs, I was just building on pocket’s idea of reworking valk with 3 rez charges…


Id go as far as to say that Valkyrie is a sick joke that was made on april fools day and was in poor taste lol


Just remove Rez. They tried balancing around it and it failed. Mercy’s Rez is very powerful ability and it’s holding her back. Being able to turn a 5v6 into a 6v6 will always be powerful. Plus it was never even confirmed that she has resurect in lore.

She has the same problem some other heroes have, one ability is too strong and it prevents them from getting buffs to the rest of their kits.


thank you. i dont think mercy is ever getting buffs until they address the elephant in the room


Considering the difficulties of using rez currently, a locked channel, cast time of 1.7 seconds, considerable speed reduction- etc

I honestly feel resurrection is earned.

Not by earning enough “points” to use it-

But earned by being able to pull it off despite the risks.

I genuinely feel this is far more impressive.


lol at more than half the list being resurrect…and people still beg for mass res on here…they cant even figure out the single target version


To OP:

Because the Mercy rework rid the game of mass rez and the undesirable player behavior that came with it, I consider that rework to have been a success.

That said, I like the current state of Mercy far better than the state she was in when the rework initially went live


Resurrect will always be an incredibly powerful ability, they can keep nerfing it all they want, it’s never gonna do anything.

Resurrect was an ultimate for a reason. Ultimates are meant to turn the tide of a game, powerful abilities that wipe up fights.

And being able to bring someone, even if just one person back in a game like Overwatch that is basically two teams spamming a choke until 1 person dies, is incredibly powerful.


should have always stayed that way. i still dont understand the reason it changed? Yes mass rez had its problems and all but rez is simply too powerful of an ability that isnt earned


I never really feel like I earned it tbh. I mean I feel good that I pulled the rez off but realistically I either did it when someone got picked by a sniper far away and there was no risk, or the enemy allowed me to get away with it when I took the risk and sometimes my team protects me while I do it which is a team effort and that gives me different sort of fuzzies. There is the occasional superjump rez that I feel earned but it’s not that often but that’s just me. All I ever wanted was 60hps back, I miss old rez but not enough to go down with that ship.


To admit it was a failure requires acknowledging that her current state is still a problem.

It is, but the devs won’t believe it until we have proof that EchoMercy isn’t overpowered.

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Because they didn’t address the problem with Mass Res. Mass Res wasn’t even that great until they made Mercy indestructible for it. Most of the time you ended up wasting it or trading your life for your dead teammates who were then without their main healer. So they made her indestructible to guarantee its effectiveness, and that’s what led to the poor play pattern of Hide and Res, because the risk didn’t exist anymore, so why not go for the biggest payoff? Before indestructible Mass Res, you were much better off safely Res-ing 2-3 people and that alone would be enough of an impact for your Ultimate, but you had to be careful not to get picked first and survive, and keeping your teammates alive so you didn’t HAVE to Res was still the best option.

Instant, un-counterable Res was always the problem, and they figured that out way too late. Just because they broke it twice before, doesn’t mean they can’t still fix it now.

EZ Res’s aren’t earned, they’re given. Anyone can res the first pick in a fight when its only 5v6, and that brings the fight back to a 6v6. Any less than that and you have far less safety to actually get it off and its not worth risking your life for. If you have Res available, and someone dies, and you can’t Res them, then what is that ability even doing for you?

Res as a given is whats NOT healthy for the game. The reason its ‘fair and balanced’ is because its uses are so niche they rarely come up and aren’t even worth picking the character any more.

Res can be fixed if they change it back into an Ultimate and balance it properly this time, but on a reliable cooldown, it is either broken or useless.


I mean they made Mercy even more boring to me, so yes they did fail.

Res also doesnt bother me as much as things just NOT DYING in the first place but we pretend that takes aim.


Do people say that? I usually see people either very strongly opposed or they don’t mind it. Almost no one thoroughly enjoys it.


Why would we admit something not true?


That’s the problem. Mercy has no legs to stand on of her own. How good or bad Mercy is is completely determined by her teammates, what characters they play, and how well they play. Mercy players have no agency in a fight anymore.


anyone taking bets? what are the odds on them balancing it properly? im putting it somewhere between 5 and 15%


One of my main problems with this argument is that rez cannot be fixed on an ultimate. Well yes it can obviously blizz is just bad at their job most of the time. I’d say ditch valk and make Mercy have mass rez again but without the i-frames and make it LOS forcing her to not hide at all. Also give her maybe a way to cast rez without teammates needing to be dead. Maybe have it so that allies in range in a instant hp boost like lucios ultimate, but without shields. Then give her a cleanse ability that could also do burst healing for like 70 hps, name it like empower or pacify