Can the flaws of the game be realistically fixed?

Then why did you post that you believe your points apply to at least a good portion of the player base?

i reckon the point of making OW2 is to avoid the mistake that LoL made.
Convoluting the champion pool with too many champions inevitably leaves the old ones in the dust and incredibly hard to balance.

That’s what I truly believe, to the extent of my knowledge. I’m not going to lie to you.

Well, you’re almost certainly wrong about that. None of us speak for a majority. The best and wisest course of action is to simply speak for ourselves. And in that, none of us are ever going to get everything we want. There is no perfect balance. There may never even be “good” or “correct” balance.

In that case I’d love to hear your opinions about the points provided. I don’t think there is any meaningful conversation to be had otherwise

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Problem is CC punishes non mobile heroes far more than hyper mobile heroes.

It’s the equivalent of playing rock paper nuke.

Paper beats rock, nuke beats everything. Poor rock.

There isn’t meaningful conversation to be had at all. I don’t think crowd control is an issue, for example. I rather enjoy it. It is like brussels sprouts. I enjoy them as well, but if you don’t will there ever be a way for my words to convince you to like them? Certainly not; my words cannot sway you in ignoring the stimuli you are getting from your tongue and mouth.

We simply agree to disagree.

What is the point of replying to the conversation to the first place then if your mind has been made up and you are not willing to debate the question being asked? You have been very ‘all or nothing’ throughout this thread and I am struggling to see your perspective.

The point, as should have been evident, was to state that none of us were ever going to see this game become ideal in our eyes. It’s why I said just as much in my original reply.

I don’t expect that you’re going to see things my way. Why would the words of a random and anonymous stranger on the internet sway you from your own position?

Are we debating the flaws of the game or a debate on a forum in general?

We’re debating nothing. Debate is formal – it has a rigid structure. We’re discussing your position about the “flaws” of the game being realistically “fixed”. My position is that there will not be any such thing, because none of us agree on what constitutes a flaw, let alone the fixing of one, and that you’d be better served in just arguing from the individual perspective rather than attempt to create a universal perspective, as such a thing does not exist.

Yes, by nerfing DPS, but Blizzard will never do it. They’ll abandon Tanks & Healers completely at some point though & let on DPS remain. At least the game would be winnable for everyone at that point, and there’d be no broken picks because every DPS would counter each other.

100% absolutely NOT.

They seem to be trying to create a unique FPS but increasingly this game has turned into a chore to play. In addition when they came out with the failed OWL they created a system in which the top end players in the world dictate the direction of play and development which leads to a never ending cycle of buffs and nerfs.

Heroes like Bastion, Mei, Symm, Torb, Brig, Moira, Echo, Junk, and doom are all gimmick heroes that can never be buffed to be a constant pick at the top end. If they do however make it so they are viable (echo, moira, mei, torb) at this level then the game is so un enjoyable for the actual 90% of the players that just play this game to have fun.

If the game has only one mode of playing 2-2-2 or 1-2-3 then it could work after much balancing but the game is dead and que times are forcing blizzard to slowly walk back this type of structure.

OW2 will bring in a never ending repeated PvE mode that will further split the game into factions with people clamoring for earned abilities in the PVE game to be carried over to the PVP game (I identify with X hero and I earned them, so why can’t I have them when I do comp) so the PvP aspect will increasingly go the way of the dodo bird. That final nail will come when OWL finally closes it’s doors which will happen within the next two years. It is not fun to watch and from what i see the players aren’t to keen on the league either.

I think we should see this from two perspectives: the CC initiator and receiver. Like you, I enjoy crowd control as the initiator, although as a tank and support main I am generally the receiver, which is a very unpleasant and frustrating experience. I do not believe it is the element of being outplayed which causes this, rather the feeling of helplessness and ineffectiveness. Being dead is a clear signal that there is nothing you can do other than communicate valuable information to your team, although with CC and ability limiters, you are actively interacting with the game, reading potential plays, however being unable to provide any sustenance for long periods of time. I believe this is an issue, but I don’t see a clear way of resolving it.

Admittedly it’s quite hard to communicate this so I apologise for that.

If you feel you cannot discuss crowd control, you can choose to discuss my other opinions I laid out in the OP.

Probably not, OP. Most of the problem of the game are built into its core. And instead of balancing characters to fix this, Blizzard eliminated ways you could play. Hindsight speaking, it was bound to fail.

Still a fun game, though I haven’t played it much in weeks now. Other games happen to be more fun. Overwatch is old, and fell apart a while ago. No regrets. I’m not interested in buying the next Blizzard product given the way the company has acted, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think Overwatch 2 is the way for them to go. If I get it, I’ll have to nab it second hand rather than buy it from them directly.

Are there ever abilities that one enjoys having executed on themselves? Do we say “oh boy, high noon!”, “I hope he gets me in his sights!” or “yes! nerf me!”? I’d argue no; nobody likes to have stuff done to them. If we take that as our base argument, no one should have any abilities, or even the capability of damaging or moving someone else.

Not enjoyment, but I feel indifference towards such abilities. These abilities either lead to death or a loss of objective, something which, in my case, does not inflict the feelings of helplessness that the input limitations of CC does.

You never know.

And I do not agree with that position, as I do not feel the same way. We are at an impasse.

It’s try to keep the discussion entendre-free.

Well, fix the CC annoyance, then implement this, and it fixes most the issues.

Hard disagree. See sombra with hack v McCree with flash. One is channeled, interuptable, and still lets you move. The other hard stops you. And is huge. And instant.

Guess which one has been consistently nerfed

I disagree… especially in 222 which limits the choices of how to go about cc and where.

Not at all…they’ve been more explicit recently

Per Korea… This is imo, 99% on the players and not actual balance