Can the devs be transparent with the Rank system?

42 wins (50+%WR) and no changes in my rank (still in Bronze 5), there’s no progression or what so ever, did I improved or all bronze 5 players deserved to be in Bronze 5 with one-sided games?

Are ranks just based on wins/loses? Then what’s the point of trying in every Bronze 5 games? I could literally check the names and know if we’re winning or not…

I’m averaging 23 kills per game as a D.Va main and tank stats are always higher than the opponent and yet still stuck in Bronze 5.

Can we get an optional hard reset to recalibrate? And be transparent about how rank works, hiding it until “it’s ready” felt like the ranking system wasn’t ready in the first place.

I know. won my 7 games 3 times with me being top dps in most of the games. Hell my latest one where i won 7, lost like 2 or 3 times. I had 51 kills and over 20k damage. Yet still bronze 5.

If I had even gotten only 1 rank. I’d accept that and just move on. But not a single rank?

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