Can someone translate this?

It wouldn’t make sense to me to put her twice in a game mode where she starred already in one which was major. Plus, two healers on a group would be odd also considering we had one healer per event so far (Not saying they won’t change it) If anything, Widow has a Talon skin that she had a while ago and would most likely be the better candidate instead of Moira if anything. Also, Moira was on Blackwatch during this time so it wouldn’t make sense for her now automatically go straight to Talon. She was “rumored” to have worked with Talon and that if she was, relying info would be best she would be doing.

Korea is also known for faking many images that are supposed “leaks”. I wouldn’t give my hopes up.

Exactly, which is why I also don’t believe the leak. Not to mention, Moira has ears? Sorry but those are clearly ears on the head and Moira during the time was working with Blackwatch so the timeline would have to be somewhere in the future after Blackwatch’s ban and even then, they still kept her around I think so there is no way she could flip back and forth without Blackwatch or Overwatch not saying anything. Sure, she was “rumored” to be with Talon, but again, it would be very risky to do.

Also, that means she would get 2 legendary skins. I don’t think we had repeats for anybody yet since this is a lore event.

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i love how how everyone saw the icon with the moira hairline and went “wow this is clearly moira or widow” but my first thought seeing it was “it has tiny ears. it’s hammond!”


Yes, exactly, I too saw the ears but Hammond’s icon looks nothing like that oddly? The icon is clearly in the shape of Moira’s face (Widow always has some type of eyewear on her icons) yet…the hair is so…odd? Then the blantant ears ontop is odd so yeah, Moira would not wear that imo. Odds are is that it’s fake.

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Youtuber says fake. So it is fake.

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Okay then please provide evidence showing this leak is real.
He also did not say It’s fake in the video. he said it could be fake. He was just showing how easy it is to fake these “leaks”.

I think those are not ears. They could be tubes coming from the characters head. Some kind of a brain cap. Moira or brainwashed Widow?

But Baps has the classic skin logo so i think its fake.

EDIT: Baps hair is changed but im still not sure about that icon to be real.

It’s far too early for april event leaks. Also there is no reason to use both baptiste and moira in same event.

Fake. =p

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Even if the leak is real, again, I’ll reference last Halloween Terror.

Skins that ended up being for Doomfist, Pharah, and Sombra, were heavily believed to be for Winston, Genji, and Widow/Moira.

Just because an icon LOOKS like a character on first inspection, doesn’t mean that’s who they are

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True, however, I was pretty accurate with 90% of the Halloween Terror skins before. The only one that threw me off was Doomfist being mistakened for Winston. These are PC requirements yes? (I am on console and do not have images like these as unlocks as far as I know) Did both Uprising and Retribution also have ones like these or was this style only for HT?

If it is real, then I am hoping that Moira also doesn’t star twice, as I feel they could have put Widow instead. I love Moira don’t get me wrong but her playing a big role twice is a bit unfair, but then again, this is lore and whatever is in the story is the story. I just…that icon looks like a giant teddy bear. Maybe it is Hammond?

If I remember correctly both Uprising and Retribution did have achievements like this with the four icons of the skins for heroes used in the Mission.

But with a name like Extraction I just can’t believe Widow WOULDN’T be involved as a character

Unless they have it so you basically have to escort Widow like a Payload or something

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I think its an other Widow skin with brainwashing tubes (i think they look more like tubes than ears) or a Labcoat Moira.

PTR leaks the event achievements since last Summer Games.

But i can not imagine a mission with 2 flankers and 2 healers

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This crap is fake. People making 10 minute long videos just for money.


Everybody jumps right into this trap? It’s not even a good fake…

That doesn’t mean it can’t be a good guess game for what the next Archives mission would be about, but people are actuallty beliving this image is true?

Ok…did a little look at some stuff and this is what I think:

The icons for Sombra, DM, and Baptiste seem legit, but not the bottom left one.

While it could be an icon for a new costume, it still seems…off.

Some mentioned Hammond, but his ears are bigger than the ones in the icon.
Some say Moira, but if you look at her Face Icon spray and compare it too the icon here, she doesn’t have anything on the side of her face besides that metal thing over her left eye.

The only time she does is in her archives costume…but her hair is like it always is and not fuzzy(and if she has the hat on…it doesn’t match the shape of the top of the head). Her hair line also is off too unless she has on a helmet.

Widowmaker…is a 50/50 honestly. It could only be a new skin because nothing else she has really matches up with it. However, she’s the only one with the highest chance it could be since her recon visor would fit the “hairline”

My only guess is what she has on during the event is a prototype of the recon visor that she has now. It could even be possible that her hair is just messed up after the brainwashing.

The only thing that even remotely matches that fuzzy head with small ears…is Zarya’s 2018 Winterland costume, but even that isn’t a 100% percent match(plus it would be weird lore wise for her to be there).

If all else fails…then this thing is a fake.

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Could just be Ashe with a haircut. Squint hard enough and you can see a hat in that bottom-left icon. Plus we don’t know much about what she did as a teen other than “crime” and “jail”.

But it’s not the same photo on Moira and Baptiste so you never know

Sombra, Doomfist, and Baptiste for sure.

The bottom left looks like it could be Widowmaker. The 2 swoops on the sides look like they could be cables. Which is on some of Widowmaker’s earlier designs/skins.

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Got any more of them pixels?

that is fake

pbs.twimg. com/media/D1umOZIWkAAxEvz.jpg
pbs.twimg. com/media/D1umOZiXQAA6GAY.jpg