Can someone translate this?

It seems to be related to Archives

추출 결과

어려운 냔 이드로 추출 해리

EDIT: It’s most likely fake:

Thanks to Lucifer666


Easy - it’s “All your base belong to us!”


Hmm are you serious tho?
The text has a title which you didn’t mention

If it helps:

That’s sombra’s talon haircut, Baptiste obviously, Doomfist and Moria?


Ye that’s what I think as well but the text seems important

If this is indeed an achievement from/for the next archives event, then I think it would be safe to assume (with relative accuracy) that we know who the 4 heroes for the event will be:

Sombra, Doomfist, Moira, and Baptiste.


sombra, doomfist, baptiste…junkrat? or moira? i wouldve thought widow makes it into archives

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It probably is that and this time it’s focused on Talon

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The only word i can get a good image of is Extract. So it’s an extraction achievement.

Indeed. Though I would have thought Widow would be included instead of moira.

Perhaps this means it’s the mission of kidnapping Widowmaker? As that would be labeled an extraction.


That doesn’t match Junkrat or Moira’s Head.

It COULD be a Widowmaker skin, remember, she was brainwashed


That’s definitely Sombra, Doomfist and Baptiste.

Bottom left looks most like Moira but no reason for her to be there if Baptiste is, and neither Moira nor Reaper would be in Talon at the time of any Archives mission so my guess is Widow in a new skin.


It seems like Moira to me, the bottom left one.


True, but the healer position is already covered by Bap, and if what someone said earlier in the thread is Accurate about ‘Extract’ it could indeed be a Widow skin

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I’m just gonna say this

I don’t think Blizz would reuse Moira for a Talon Archive when she was so prominent in Retribution.

I especially don’t think they’d reuse her when Bap comfortable fills the role this go around.

Widow would make it a whole unique squad for the mission, and I think it stand to reason she might have some sort of device or something to assist in her brainwashing.

Ergo, Widow skin


This is what I got from the image text

추출 결과 - Extraction Result
어려운 냔 이드로 추출 해리 - Difficult to extract with extrusion

Uses Google Translate =V


Double healer. I wonder if that means it’s gonna be really hard…

Why are people not considering it could be a Widow skin?

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im just trying to go off of the character models…it could be widow…i just cant match it…

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Because it’s nowhere near Widow’s haircut. Especially with her Talon skin. (which she would presumably be wearing for a talon mission.)