Can someone translate this?

Generally because it looks like Moira (and has her hairline) and doesnt look like widow. I could of course be wrong, but it doesn’t really seem like a widow icon to me.


Just because it doesn’t look like her doesn’t mean it isn’t.

Remember when Halloween Terror came around? People thought Winston would be getting a Werewolf skin when it was actually Swamp Monster. And People thought Moira or Widow would be the Bride even after seeing the icons.

There of course is a possibility I’m wrong, but it doesn’t make sense to me to reuse a Hero from last Archives when we have enough to make a unique team for a Talon Archives


Also, YES! Baptiste is getting his young skin!


no it doesnt…which is why i am inclined to believe thats widow…but i cant find a matching skin model…certainly doesnt match the talon skin one which one might presume would be what gets used…

also worth nothing is baptiste seems to have the hairstyle from his origin story…so probable confirmation we’re getting that skin

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“Moira, how come Blizzard lets you get two events???”


The biggest reason I could see for not using widow despite being a unique pick is simply because her kit is very boring and hard to design a fun coop mode against. She just sits in the back out of danger and picks things off from a distance, and keeps her separated from her team. If the three other players die it makes it really hard for her to remain a team player and get them up because she’d so dependent on keeping her distance.


Widow’s Talon Skin is After her brainwashing is complete unless I’m mistaken, this skin could possibly pre-date that


They could find someway to incorporate that, assuming the translations about extraction are accurate, it could be that failing to protect Widow, or if she strays too far from the team, results in instant defeat

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Holy mother of griefing Batman!


Maybe not instant defeat, or maybe just if Widow dies

I dont think theyd ever do this

Like I said, they could just make it defeat if she dies.

That’s going to be a lot of pressure on the Widow. I can foresee the toxicity already.

Its possible they go for something like that though.


Exactly. They’ve had some weird Victory/Defeat conditions in other Archives. Like the Payload being destroyed in Uprising. Or the whole team needing to get on the dropship in Retribution until it was patched

I’m sure it could be done, I just think people are going to blame the Widow for the loss rather than themselves for failing to protect.

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I think that would be extremely bad design if they made a mode where it’s instant defeat if one of the four players who decides to instant-lock widow can lose the game for everyone so easily. (As you mentioned, they patched retribution so people cant grief by not getting in the ship)

If that is widow, it will almost certainly have the same mechanics as the other past events. This would be a unique roster where all four heroes have vertical mobility which would prevent her from being unreachable by certain players.

Could it be the Noire skin?

If she’s freshly brainwashed, this is a very Weapon X skin to use.


Finally, my chance to play it :joy:

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Well i didn’t mean to do that

Edit: What I was going to say that of course my ideas are likely just bandages for bullet wounds if they do go that route, but I’m sure you get what I’m saying

That’s still really bad design. Sure even in a normal game you can just run straight into the enemies and die, but in many cases (on easier difficulties) its still possible for your teammates to deal with the threat and then pick you up.

If you just insta-lose the moment she goes down, the ability to grief your team skyrockets through the roof. I can’t foresee Blizzard ever doing something like that.