Buying Contender skins?

I know this is an unpopular opinion but they should let us buy them as well if we don’t feel like waking up at 4 am to watch the games.


I don’t even know where i can watch? And like how am i supposed to even get the skins?
I just randomly logged in and got a free genji skin lol, and i don’t even know what’s going on :rofl:


It would be on the OWL website :slight_smile:

It was on the OWL website. But I think its done now for the season, isn’t it? So if you missed out, too bad so sad. I missed it too. I wasn’t getting up that early to watch OWL. Someone wasn’t thinking this through someplace.

Yeah, lets schedule matches at odd hours, because everyone should be at home anyway? Who needs sleep? Who needs to work? I mean…


Game on.

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The schedule gets adjusted to the time zone of the city/country in which the matches are happening :wink:

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I’m fully aware of this. However.

When dealing with a US based company and marketing the OWL league games on the launcher in the US, they should take into consideration time frames to fit better. Or offer a way to earn rewards to accommodate more people.

Here’s another take:

If you are having issues with viewership of your league games, scheduling them outside of the normal hours of most of your audience is surely going to help those viewer numbers correct?

Imagine having a football game scheduled for 4AM on a Tuesday in the US? Or a NASCAR event scheduled for 4AM on the East coast while being ran at 1AM on the West coast…

True enough. I just find it humorous (and ok, a bit annoying) that they would hold the finals at odd hours and basically hurt those here in the US for it. Blizzard may as well move to China or someplace since they obviously cater hard to them.

Just saying.


But the largest part of the Korean Contenders matches audience will be… Korean.

The North and South American matches will be held at times that “cater” the American audience. Every region gets its turn :wink:

China is their biggest audience. Not America.

Which is it? Though the Asian community as a whole is probably the right answer here.

Game on.

Koreans are definitely a big portion. And they are by far most of the players in contenders.

But China does have higher viweship. As seen with the OWL, 550k viewers live for China compared to 20k for English streams.

Either way, definitely not America.

Horible promotion, i didnt knew of this stuff till today, and only through this post.

WP blizz well flaking played.

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Which now circles us back to the OP. Having the option to purchase some of these skins since we were unable to watch them at the ungodly hours they were on. lol

China is the largest audience overall, so if they would only cater one region based on it’s size, it would be China.

But when it comes to the Korean Contenders I am pretty sure that there are more Koreans watching than Chinese.

Why would you want to buy the skins if you have no interest in watching?

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just for haveing them.

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Because they look cool. I don’t have any attachment to Dynasty, but that black and gold colour scheme looks brilliant on a number of characters.


I never said I had no interest in watching. But for MOST OF US, its hard to not sleep and stay up in the middle of the damn night to watch them and still have to function the next day. So if we had another method to obtain them, that would be at least a mollifying solution to missing the game live.

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The great thing about Contenders is that there’s multiple regions, so you don’t have to stay up too late or get up too early to watch them. You can just watch the ones for your local region, there should be enough content to get the monthly skins.

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So we had to watch one of those 4 am matches. I didn’t see any of those and I got both Genji skins when I logged on.

Oh, thank you so much, i just noticed that and realised i can still get all the skins.