Buying Contender skins?

Nevermind. Just looked it up and the website says everyone gets the Genji skin without having to watch anything.

Well I feel kinda stupid.

Contenders is an ongoing event, and I’m sitting here thinking of the stuff that just ended last week. *facepalm

Like the skin for Tracer that was for the league that I missed out on, because I couldn’t watch the event live at its ungodly early hour.

Ah well.

Here is the North America Schedule:

Thanks to Lee www will have all the matches including all the International teams and their times. Tonight there’s one at 2am.

There was a re-broadcast later on that also let you earn the drops.

I agree. I always buy every skin they put out.

Because of the way things are for me, I’ve never been able to set up and watch their streams, so to have OWL skins that are locked behind watching it is just frustrating.

But whatever, Houston outlaws is better anyway.

I’m hoping Wyoming catches this and ask the Dev team about this.

Somehow I’ve got 2 Genji Contender Skins for free even without an Youtube or Twitch Account, fascinating. Promo action or compensation for yesterdays login issues? :thinking:

Can you not use the purchasable coins/tokens for them?

Where do you live that games are at 4am?

Most of the games are during the afternoon or evening if you live in North America. I have posted the full schedule of upcoming Contender matches here:

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This is a scheduled promotion. All players who log into Overwatch will earn the Genji skins, the spray, and player icon absolutely for free.

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Nope, in-game currency or OWL tokens will not unlock these items.

Unfortunate then I see no reason to not allow this for people.

It funds the game too so

The idea is to boost viewership, and promote the T2 scene for Overwatch Esports. And I personally love watching Contenders matches as I have time to do so.


This is fair… I have been swayed

I was looking at the International schedule when I made this post but you’re right about the NA ones :slight_smile:

If you go here www you can see all the matches in your time do you don’t have use the converter. (Thanks Lee!)

Yeah, after a longer pause, I’ve looked in Contenders again recently. They have some promising talents for sure. And Contenders play on a newer patch than OWL, which can be important if you want to see different hero combos than in OWL. I hope that OWL keeps up with the recent patch soon. I want to see what they will do with the new Soldier for instance.

The current OWL season is over, so you will have to wait until next year :frowning:

Oh, not even some International Championship matches befor the year ends?

As of now there aren’t any news about the Overwatch Worldcup, so I wouldn’t expect anything to happen in 2020.

If at all it might happen during the BlizzCon in February, but given the circumstances right now I wouldn’t count on it.