Bug with no stats in competitive?

Finished all my placements and got BRONZE 5 and I go check my stats like wtf I was plat before. I have no stats. It says “0” on all my statistics. No wonder it put me in bronze 5. I’m about done with this game


Exactly the same issue here. The game doesn’t think I’ve played competitive and puts me in bronze 5 for everything

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Yes, this is an issue that’s affecting a lot of people and Blizzard have yet to acknowledge it’s even a problem.

I posted about this days ago:

The Bronze 5 placement thing is a separate issue. You still do have stats; you just can’t see them.

I placed Silver 5 for Support & Damage and Bronze 3 for Tank and all my stats for the current Competitive season are zero or blank.


There is definitely some kind of issue with recording or displaying stats in the career profile for competitive, but this isn’t why you’re in Bronze 5. I was low Diamond in OW1, placed Gold 2/3 on my accounts and have since climbed them up to Diamond 4/5. I have no Career Profile stats for role queue comp on either account. (I did play one game of open queue, and those stats show up for some reason.)