Buff Shield Bash + Add Brigitte Skill

Sounds cool in theory, but in practice making her stun a skill shot is kinda against the point of brigitte being added in the first place. She’s meant to counter fast flankers and dive heroes. If her stun is hard to land then thats gone.

I mean think of trying to take out a tracer, landing the whipshot is going to be way more difficult than shield bash, especially with the windup increase.
Not to mention if shes too far away then no more combo :confused:

this will give her the best ranged peel in the game and won’t smack tanks so much. with this she can play front line AND protect back line while no longer bullying rein.
also don’t change the range and cast time of whip-shot. it’s basically hog hook the way it is cast currently.

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Thats literally the point. To make it a skill shot. Just like landing a Sleep Dart or a Flash Bang.

But this is also why I said to increase the casting speed by 50% so its not so slow of a launch.

Brigitte stun shouldn’t be a guaranteed stun every time she uses it. This is what everyone has a problem with. This is what the changes I suggested fix without nerfing her too much

She has numerous weaknesses… She can’t fight at range and has several hard counters. She just seems strong because she doesn’t allow players to roam freely without threat of being punished.

Try playing her more. You’ll find she can be strong but she’s not universally OP.

This would be wonderful. The shield bash would still serve its function as a way to protect against a backline dive, since the knockback would hopefully be enough to get you out of most flankers’ effective ranges, and also give you time to hit them with the whipshot stun for a similar burst combo to what she has now. The big difference is that she would no longer hard counter all tanks except Zarya (who barely even counts as a tank with her low health and high damage). We would then be able to have a less dive-focused meta without making all tank mains move to Fortnite.

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I don’t think this is the case. She would still be unkillable by Tracers or Winstons, and the knockback would give you time to channel your Whip Shot. She would be just as good against dive, but not as easy to use. I think most of us can agree that we don’t want the easiest plays to make to be the most effective ones possible.

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oh increase the casting speed, i thought you meant to make it longer. Makes more sense now, but it only serves to make stunning immobile characters worse.

by that i mean you wont bother trying to hit a tracer or genji since it’ll be pretty difficult due to their high mobility so you’ll just be going after slower targets, which already get it worse

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