BSOD Blue Screen When Playing Overwatch 2 - Anyone else?

I had no issues with Overwatch 1 but ever since I started playing Overwatch 2 I am consistently getting Blue Screen of Death crashes. Error “DPC Watchdog Violation” Anytime I try and play Overwatch 2 I eventually run into a BSOD. I can be 4 games in before it happens, or it could freeze up in the queue while trying to get into the game.

Steps I have attempted:

  • Command prompt: sfc /scannow
  • Fresh reinstallation of graphics driver. I am on game ready 517.48 from Nvidia.
  • Scan and repair of OW2 installation (no repair required)
  • All windows updates

At this point I’m at a loss, I have made no recent changes to my system other than the Game Ready Driver and the OW2 installation. No new hardware has been plugged in, nothing new has been installed.



The exact same here!


Exactly the same problem !

Possible solution:
If I right-click and exit out of the Nvidia and Razer icons in the system tray (bottom right corner), the game launches fine. But if something’s running in the background, OW2 insta-bluescreens on me on launch with one of these stop errors:


So, try exiting out of any and all background programs you have running, and see if the game launches successfully…

My error is a “DPC Watchdog Violation” and it’s not something that happens when I launch overwatch. It happens randomly when I’m playing. Sometimes 15 minutes in, sometimes 3 hours in.


Same here, just got on and had it crash within 20 min of launch, yesterday it happened ab 3 hours after launch.
Running a NVIDIA 1660 Super, no background apps, disabled razer chroma, have updated drivers for Sata controllers and SSD Firmware, no fix yet :frowning:

Have had this exact same issue about 3-4 times now with most being during comp games just to make it even worse. Not a single clue why or how it happens but it never happened to me during Beta 1 & 2.

Same here, wasn’t happening on launch day for me either, though it may have just been luck.

Same error here, and only since launch that i get this issue. No issues in beta.

Has anyone tried going back to older NVIDIA drivers?

I have it too, I am completely up-to-date with: Windows, Chipset Drivers, GPU Drivers & Overwatch.
Even repaired windows with dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth & sfc /scannow
Nothing helps.


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I have also been having blue screens (the same stop code a lot of folks are mentioning; “DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION” bug check error code 133). I’m running the latest build of Windows 11 (22H2) build 22621.608 and have a 30 series Nvidia card with the latest Nvidia game ready driver (517.48) I have tried many of the different mitigating steps, but am still getting the crashes.

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im getting DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION bluescreen as well, running current (new) windows11 version, ryzen 3700x and 3070. all my stuff is uptodate (gpu, chipset driver). pc running cool 65C gpu and 78C cpu max. ssd health checked, windows install checked and game reinstalled. didnt have issues before in other games

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Same Issue!!!
“DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLAION” only occurs when playing Overwatch 2!!!

Ryzen 5950X
RTX 3090
Windows 11 22H2
GeForce Game Ready Driver 517.48


i’ve had this happen twice now i’d really love a fix cause this is really annoying

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I have the same issue.
Ryzen 9 3900XT and RTX 3090


Is this only for the RTX 3000 series? Anyone getting this BSOD while not on a 3000?

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I think it is related to either the 30 series or Ryzen CPUs or a combination of both

I also did a complete reinstall of Windows and only installed drivers, overwatch and discord but it still happens, so something is definitely up with overwatch 2, as this is the only game i play where it happens. Overwatch 1 also did not have this problem for me

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Running a 3080 and 5600x personally so that sucks, guess I’ll have to stay away from this game until Blizz pulls their head out of their *ss.
This launch is embarrassing.

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