PC shutting down or restarting

Its really weird, someone got crash to desktop, someone to menu, my pc just restart while in game, now got penalty for leaving competitive… Such a shame blizzard released game with so many problems…

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I’m experiencing this as well, with my PC occasionally locking up, screens going blank after a few seconds, and the PC restarting after a minute or two.

The memory dump shows this was a BSOD (DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION (133)), although the bluescreen is never actually rendered to my screen.

Here’s my DXDIAG report: DXDIAG - Pastebin.com

This even happens under Linux! I’m using wine (aka proton) compatibility layer (version is caffe-7.18).
OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed 20221008 n/a
Arch: x86_64
Kernel: 6.0.0-1-default
Desktop: KDE
Display Server: wayland

Vendor: AuthenticAMD
Model: AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-Core Processor
Physical cores: 12
Logical cores: 24

RAM: 31.3 GB
Swap: 33.3 GB

Vendor: AMD
OpenGL Renderer: AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT (navi22, LLVM 15.0.1, DRM 3.48, 6.0.0-1-default)
OpenGL Version: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 22.2.1
OpenGL Core: 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 22.2.1
OpenGL ES: OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 22.2.1
Vulkan: Supported

I have had my computer shut down only while i play OW, but it has shut down so violently that it TRIPPED MY BREAKER when my computer and 2 screens are the only things plugged into my room. Did it 3 times before I gave up after swapping outlets and extension cords. Never had this problem with OW1, thought my breaker was just crap, but didn’t have any crashing issues when i switched to a different game.

Hey all,

We’ve identified a specific situation where 360 Total Security was causing some PCs to shut down or restart when running Overwatch 2. If you have 360 Total Security installed try uninstalling it and then test the game again. We will be keeping an eye out for any other common factors that might cause shutdowns or reboots.

If you’re experiencing a blue screen crash (BSOD) instead of a shutdown/reboot with no error message, check to see if you have Nvidia Broadcast or RTX Voice installed. This thread has more information.

Unexpected shutdowns and reboots can be caused by a number of different issues. Anywhere from kernel-level failures within the OS, to failing hardware, to power supply or power delivery issues in the system.

  • Ensure that you’re using the latest operating system and driver updates
  • Check for overheating components
  • If the PC is plugged into a power strip or UPS try bypassing it and plug directly into the wall for a test session.
  • If a power issue within the system is suspected please consult the system manufacturer for further help and diagnosis.

Since launch this has been a problem for me too with 360 total security, I couldn’t been able to play yet - pc would restart as soon as I click launch. While turning it off seems to do the trick, this never happened in ow1 so it must be a problem on the game’s side. I’m glad it’s being looked at though.

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Not necessarily. Mine is a watchdog error, indicative of a memory leak.

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PC bluescreens sometimes within 10 minutes sometimes a couple hours playing OW2

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Happened 5 or 6 times now throughout the last week.

My PC has been restarting and CPU overheating ever since I downloaded OW2 and its been happening for other games I play and it never happened before I downloaded OW2


Twice now since launch my system has just immediately shut off right when the game starts. No BSOD or other error messages. Nothing in event logs. Just powers off.


While my computer hasn’t shutdown or restarted while playing OverWatch 2, CPU temperature immediately spiked to almost 100C on launching OverWatch 2, which caused me to close it. A work-around that worked for me was to enable a power plan that capped CPU usage at 80%. That kept CPU temperatures around 38C.

i dont get how this is happening to some people like my laptop doesnt even hit 100c (212f) while playing according to monitoring software the max the laptop was hititng is 204F on cpu but its possible something in the windows install is causing a spike in temps though also it can be a cpu cooler issue

In my case OW2 was crashing just after pressing “play” from battle.net, not even queuing.
I found out that the issue is having 360 Total Security (Antivirus) running on my PC.
Whitelisting OW2, or Battle.net, or putting the antivirus in silent mode doesn’t work, the PC will crash and reboot anyway. Only solution was to close the antivirus.

If the game is running and I open up again the 360 Total Security, the PC will crash and reboot in a matter of seconds.

How can I get unbanned from overwatch 2 just because my PC has been crashing while I’m in comp and when I tried to rejoin, I couldn’t

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I am literally banned for 19 hours and its sucks because Im like 2 games away from diamond…


On my Windows 10 computer, the screen would always somehow get stuck in the middle of a game, and then go black and all the buttons would fail, so I had to restart the computer by hand.


There is another part that has to start 360 Anti-virus software before starting the game, or They cannot start the game. lmao