Bronze 5 Bug not fixed

I have won 7 games 3 separate times now, and every time I get placed in Bronze 5. Like I could have accepted the first time as maybe I am just terrible at the game (though I doubt it as I am often high kills/heals etc) but when it is all 3 sets of 7 wins, even if this wasn’t the bronze 5 bug, I should at least rank up to Bronze 4 or something for 21 wins in total. Please fix this bug.


Same thing happened to me. And my competitive statistics are not updating. I just won 2 games as D.Va and it didn’t update. It’s still showing me my first victory that i played on day 2. Blizzard’s fix didn’t fix anything.


bronze5 is 0-1100 SR, 1 win = 24 pts

It may take a while when you’re at the bottom of B5 since it has such a high gap (post above: 0-1099sr).
You also need to consider all the loses you had. Your winrate should be over 50%, the more the better.

A friend of me was placed in B5 too. Today after his 3 or 4rd time reaching 7 wins, he got out of B5. :slight_smile:

I placed B5 before they made the fix to players stuck. I went through 3 sets of 7 wins to still be stuck B5. Previously in OW1 I was a diamond/plat level support. I have won a total of 42 games as support in OW2 and over various sets I went through these ranks: B5 (multiple times) > B4 > B2 > B1. I have friends who were the same rank as myself in OW1, with the same Win% in OW2, but half of my matches and they placed B2 > S3 > G5.

You white nights simping for blizz are so wrong lol

Im also encountering this issue, got 5 calibrations as support player and still im at bronze 5. :frowning: bought battle pass for this, bcos many of my friends are playing this rn.

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