Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail)

I’ve been waiting since 2018 for the Pink Mercy to return. I’ve been a good person, I pray every time to Jeff Kaplan when I see the skin in my games but are still out of luck of it returning. Has Blizzard changed their plans of bringing back the Pink Mercy skin yet? I think a lot of people wouldn’t have an issue if the skin price increased to $19 like other skins if that’s the issue?


I feel you, hopefully the pink mercy skin does return. Waiting years for a skin to return shouldn’t be the norm. If it can’t be returned then make a red mercy skin with the same attire as the pink mercy. Do you agree?

A red version of the skin would also look great but pink is what made it so distinguishable and I think it suits a BCRF collaboration a little bit better in my opinion.

I don’t think the Cyber Demon skin will return since it’s a BP skin and in majority of games with BPs the skins don’t return but you never know. Personally I have no issue with skins returning and I’m not a fan of skins being exclusive to something that will never return. In Fortnite, some BP skins has had recolors that has been available in the shop in the future so I think that would be more likely. Esecially now when the skin prices are as astronomical, making a new variant of it and selling it for $19 I think would give Blizzard even more bad publicity since people will compare it to the BP and say that they spen’t half the price while getting a ton of other cosmetics when buying it.

I think it would be great if the BP skins would be available again in store rotations for people who missed out on them.


I’ve said this in a few other related topics, but I think the best color variant would be lavender, as the color represents cancer, in general, and acts as a decent “remix” color for the style of the skin.

I could see old mythics reintroduced later as recolors, with the initial colorways being locked to those who unlocked it during the season it was available. And if people are buying legendary skins for $19+, then the recolored mythic could fall in that same price point. I’d partially expect that those who earned it when it was available would get the new colors added to their skin for free or like 100 coins each.


That’s a better solution for the genji mythic skin and it’s the most preferable. Just give original users who purchased the battle pass their own exclusive colors. Just like what happened to skull trooper in fortnite. Original players had a extra purple variant option, while the people who were new to buying skill trooper didn’t have the purple version.

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Too much red in this game already, if they’re gonna re-colour it, then something closer to pink would be better, like coral or lavender.


Can you clarify this statement Andy?

No plans to bring it back “ever” or no plans just for the event?

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The vagueness in Andy’s statement is so irritating. Either say that BCF doesn’t want anything to do with Blizzard or the other way around!?

He wasn’t vague nor does he need to clarify. You’re reading too deeply into it in the hopes that he’s being vague. Andy has never misled us or been vague. His statement is crystal clear.

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Thank god! I really don’t think bringing back the pink mercy skin would be a good idea. This was for a specific charity event and should stay that way. I bought that skin because it was for a charity I support a lot, and the skin was a very nice extra on top. Instead of bringing back this skin, another charity event with a new skin would be bomb!

“We have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons” is as clear as it gets as far as PR communication goes.

“Hey bro, are you going to the movies tonight ?” “I don’t have any plans to go to the movies” - it’s a gentle, PR-friendly way that says it’s nowhere in my plans for now or the future or at all whatsoever, without using rough, absolute concrete statements to make it sound like I don’t want to go or give an incorrect impression that I don’t want to go, or even wrongly insinuate that I “maybe would like to go but I can’t”, etc.

It says exactly what it needs to say without pinning any side to any commitment or insinuations - that it’s not on my mind whatsoever to go to the movies, end of story.

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That’s all very well and good but do we remember the last time they said they had no plans for a thing and later it became a thing because enough players voiced their demand for it?



That’s not the Overwatch team though.

It’s not but your post was about PR talk in general…

If there’s a sufficient demand for something then none of that talk matters at the end of the day and Diablo immortal is a very clear illustration of that fact…


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To go further rather than my blanket response, I don’t even know what your link is about exactly anyways, I just know what was said for Pink Mercy and it’s going on what, five years since Pink Mercy was sold?


Exactly, all the more reason to bring it back!

Enough time has passed that those who purchased it originally got what I would consider to be a very good deal given they had five years of “early access“ which is much more than a lot of us got for other skins…



That was a different game bro.+ they said “we have no plans to bring back the Pink Mercy skin or icons” they doesn’t say ~we have no plans for do another charity event~
So they will make a new skin, NO bring back the Pink Mercy.

I’m just going to quote you here…

It’s supposed to be anyway isn’t it?



you compared a game to be made for PC, not about the in-game products.
So yep I’m sure she is not coming back.

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The statement they made was for OW1…

= different game…

At least according to how OW2 is marketed to us…