Bring back Pink Mercy with Overwatch 2

I know that there have been lots of people in the past asking for this skin to come back and while I do think that it should have been brought back annually I think that the upcoming release of Overwatch 2 is a perfect time to bring the skin back and here’s why:

1.) Of course the general demand for it is high since it’s a spectacularly designed skin

2.) It would raise money for charity which is never a bad thing

3.) It would increase the hype for Overwatch 2 and bring even more people back

4.) Overwatch 2 is set to release in October which is breast cancer awareness month

Now I know these reasons have been brought up before but I’m just hoping that the devs can realize this amazing opportunity/timing and do both the BCRF and Mercy community a huge favor and bring this skin back for those of us that missed out


Maybe we get an OW2 version of pink mercy. That would be cool


the horse is dead.
stop trying to bring it back.
this is one thing mercy can’t rez.


At this point I would be willing to bring that back so that the Pink Mercy Madness stops.


That sounds like a great idea!
Though I’d still be longing for the original Pink Mercy that I fell in love with.

I think they should do an annual BCRF fundraiser similar to the one they did with Pink Mercy but add skins for different characters each year and allow us to purchase each of them not just make them “one and done”

edit: sort of a similar fashion to the OWL skin system they have but make it an annual event instead of all the time


The moment you show them that the madness works to get a skin to come back, it will promote yet more madness.


I agree, there are literally no real drawbacks to bringing back pink mercy besides selfish players wanting to gatekeeper their skin because “I won’t be unique anymore!”


You know… that IS true. You make a good point.


I can see where you’re coming from but truly it should’ve never turned into the “madness” it did. When they saw that it was a popular event it should’ve been brought back or had plans for it to have been brought back.

I sadly wasn’t playing when it was first released nor was I around for the stories of chaos I heard about Pink Mercy fanatics flooding the forums.


The hair is probably the worst hair out of all her skins… the best part is the unique sound effects on her abilities.

Really think the only reason people particularly like the skin is because it was limited… if witch mercy was a vaulted skin that never came back yall would claim that was the best skin imo

It’ll probably never come back tbh. They’ve said on multiple occasions at very different time periods that they have 0 plans to bring it back… not that I’m against it coming back, just want people to stop getting their hopes up.


I like to think it’s because it’s got that magical girl aesthetic. Cute and girly. Often wonder if this skin would be just as highly requested if it were made for a different hero and not Mercy.


I think some people are that way but I’m just a sucker for the color pink ><
Not to mention I actually like her hair in that skin more than any of her others. Is that an unpopular opinion? o.o

  1. Baby wants candy
  2. Baby cries
  3. Parent gives candy
  4. Baby learns that if it wants candy it just needs to cry loud enough
  5. Baby cries more

Lesson: don’t reward crying.


It’s cringy at this point thanks to people who keep crying about it.


Who knows, maybe the skin will be in the shop, with the money hopefully going towards donating to charity.


I’m not sure if I just haven’t seen the posts with people “crying” or not. From what I’ve seen it’s people voicing their opinion on something hoping to bring about change or a return. How else are the devs going to know there’s still a demand for the skin if people don’t say something. But like I said maybe I just missed the “crying” posts.


The devs are fully aware and have even commented on it…


What an incredibly dumb analogy, so “people shouldn’t ask for stuff because they’ll keep asking for more!”

Have you ever considered that a lot of people who are asking for pink mercy to come back might just… stop “crying” if they were to bring back the skin? :joy:

Like what else would these players ask for? Besides there’s nothing wrong with asking for legacy content to come back.

Could you give me a legitimate reason why pink shouldn’t come back? I’ll wait

And I love how the only people who are against bringing back are those like you who already own the skin, you just proved my previous post


Very true. I could see the same thimg happening if they gave a magical girl skin to like dva or widow or something… not to mention pink mercy was a skin for a support, probably the role with the most people who like that sort of thing.

Thats true, she never got another pink themed skin… thinking of it, the only other non-owl pink skin is on dva and its just because of her default design… don’t know if there are any other pink skins in the whole game.

Didn’t mean to insult what you like… the only thing people really dislike about the skin was the hair… mainly because mercy is supposed to be canonically like 45 years old, so the pigtails were a little strange lol


I’m aware, but just explaining why people (including myself) would post about it