Brigitte's Shield is still Paper

They have stated on multiple occasions that they primarily balance by top tier. It’s been true the entire history of the game.

Stop playing her the old way :smiling_imp:

Oh, it’s an amazing highlight intro. By far her best.

It just sucks that it no longer is an accurate representation of her anymore.

So by that logic, Reinhardt is a 2100HP hero right? Does that really make sense to you?


Yes because he doesnt have much movement speed and his only long range dmg is firestrike.

they nerf her healing, her shield should be buffed.

250-300 is reasonable, but no more than that imo.


Not just a 300 HP minimum for her shield, but I also think shield bash should do 25 damage like McCree’s flashbang.

Then she’d be a balanced support.


Agreed. Hell, i’d even be alright with trading a charge of Repair pack for these.

Albeit not if they introduce these nerfs to it from the ptr. Then removing a charge would be an injustice. Hell, nerfing them in general right now is an injustice.

Since her one-shot combo is gone, her sustain has been nerfed and her healing recently, too, I think a viable shield would be fair.
I actually think her shield health has never really been an issue, it just added onto how broken her release kit was.

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yeah it definitely wasn’t the shield health that made her annoying

for me personally it was the armour that stayed forever after a super-fast to charge ult, and the fact that she was a cc machine that went through shields and could pwn rein 1v1…

oh, and that armour went away only when the shields on top went away. At one point you could stack her armour with torb armour and sym shield gen AND EVERYONE on the defending team was literally unkillable.


Can you source that?

They said that pro players are 1/3 of the balance triangle and literally every balance change in the last 4 balance patches have been targeted at heroes who are meta in GM even if they aren’t meta in diamond and below?

Can you share these multiple occasions? Or even some of them?

Why do we have to source something that is common knowledge and has been said on various live streams and interviews throughout the past four years?

No one has time to go digging through every interview, it’s common knowledge

Show me where they only balance around it. You’re insinuating that nothing else is considered.

Can’t find anything, despite it being everywhere. Got it.

I don’t think he did insinuate that. I think he’s saying the same thing I did, which is that it is mostly around the top. They have stated this in various interviews throughout the years, most recently they stated it in a dev post.

They will make changes if it’s being detrimental to mid or low tier players. That’s what the Reaper and Symmetra nerfs were about, but most of their changes is about the high end.

This is also why most people post about PC GM stats when discussing balance despite not being in GM, myself included. Because that’s the main information the devs are using to determine balance; not because anyone is delusional about their rank.

Most of who gets nerfed or buffed is easy to predict if you look at those as your focus.

Not only no, but hell no.

I don’t understand why so many people want to give away healing on a support. Giving away a charge of repair pack would devastate her value to a team.

hint: the hurdle is the meta :smiley:

also on topic, i don’t use the defender highlight, only flail or occasionally the rally highlight just because it doesn’t fit her no more.