Brigitte's Shield is still Paper

…and dies far too quickly for her advertised role as a bodyguard-ing support.

“Get behind me!”? “I will be your shield!”? Nope, that’s a death sentence for both Brigitte and the person she’s trying to protect.

Her Defender highlight intro is a HUGE example of her kit going against it’s own advertising. If it were accurate, she’d be gunned down in front of us since her cardboard barrier would be gone in the first 4 shots.

Seriously though. It needs a buff. 300 health at the minimum.


I actually play the opposite to her voicelines by following behind people I’m protecting and have much better survivability for both me and the lead.


One of Tracer’s highlight intros advertises a hurdle and I’ve been waiting 3 years for that. :’(


Its 200hp sheild right? Brigg is 200hp hero right? Add those two numbers together and that’s her actual hp. Get over it shes not the big bully anymore that she used to be and I hope to god she will never go back to being that way. Stick with your tanks and stop diving as a healer into the enemy team without them.


Brig is actually a 250HP hero

Her old shield was a crutch for terrible positioning. It shouldn’t be brought back.


Oh so then her actual hp is 450 even better


She’s still 250+200.

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Before you could constantly shield yourself. Now I main use her shield for combo’s in teamfight.
She is still a pretty tanky support imo.


Her problem is they nerfed her in the Goats/pre 2-2-2 era hard, and she really deserved it. However now Goats is dead, 2-2-2 is here and her rebalancing just isn’t cutting it.

Like why try to turn her into a main support, we only have 2 off-heals (well Mercy too but her players still haven’t figured that out). In a 2-2-2 setting it’s okay for her to have a but more tanking and utility and buff rally back up a bit but no they make her a bad main healer instead.

The bright side is the devs are (finally) getting round to rebalancing the game for 2-2-2, its been about half a year but they are now on it. Orisa has been addressed, Hanzo has weaknesses again, Reaper isn’t a support anymore, Baptiste isn’t 2 supports, McCree lost his machine gun. We’re getting there, progress is happening and hopefully Brig being not useless is on the menu soon.

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No. That argument has always been flawed, as it A, only protects from one side, B, negates her ability to use her damaging abilities (Shield bash deals basically none), and C, is completely ignored by melees. All three of these things together negate the argument of “Effective HP”. By the logic of “Effective HP”, Reinhardt has 2100 Health. We all know this is not true.

Nor would she be with a better shield, as it would not improve her offensive capabilities enough to help her dominate dps like she used to, but rather help her defensive nature. After all, she’s a melee only hero. All melee only heroes should have an effective way to sustain themselves. For Reinhardt, it’s a large healthpool and large health barrier. For Doomfist, it’s a health based passive and very high mobility. For Brigitte, it’s…a sucky self heal paired with a paper-thin shield. Buffing her self heal is out of the question, as it would enable her to be afr too aggressive as a Support. Buffing her Barrier would support her bodyguard playstyle without allowing her to dominate every fight she’s in like she used to.

Nor would it be. That was 600-500 health. I’m asking for half it’s original value. A fair request when considering the exorbitant amount of damage in this game as a whole, on top of her already reduced self heal passive and armour amount and sustain from rally (which I’m NOT requesting a change to, mind you.)

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You gotta use line of sight like every other hero in the game… Oh dear?

Yes it breaks easily, but it regens insanely quick too.

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I agree with the rest of your post, but Brig isn’t useless at all. She has a 7% pickrate in GM and almost 60% winrate. That’s an insanely high winrate for such a high pickrate, and she’s the 3rd most picked support up there I believe. Meanwhile Bap, Zen, and Mercy are all at 1%. She’s one of the most meta picks up there, and the most meta off support for sure.

Brig certainly is good and has been good for the last few months, player perception of her just makes lower ranks think she’s bad when she’s not.


git gud ur supposed to earn survival not garentee it

I use it kind of like D.Va Matrix. Something you flash briefly, not keep raised for long periods of time.

She isn’t remotely useless. PTR won’t change that.

While I don’t think she is terrible, really just meh and lacking much purpose, I think her use is more to do with the heroes around her rather than her.

Her niche and biggest strength is in countering dive/mobility. Ball, Dva, Lucio get picked a fair amount, even Tracer sees some use and like the only legitimate reason to actively pick Brig is to counter those types of hero.

She also pairs well with Rein, who is no.1 and is less vulnerable to hitscan and Mei than many other healers. Seeing as the top 5 DPS are Tracer, Mei, Widow, McCree and Hanzo (who counts as hitscan) its not too surprising then.

Looking at it now the middle heroes in use are Doom and Mercy at 15th and 16th. The heroes less used than Doom are basically all the ones Brig is bad against, all the ones she is good against/pairs well with are above. The only big exception is Genji.

The simplest presentation of her strength is that vs snipers and hitscan (unequivocally top DPS right now) Mercy, Zen and Baptiste just hard lose, basically guaranteeing Brig at least 4th best healer. Not only is she 4th but its behind Moira who brings no utility outside heals and dmg and recently had her heals noticeably nerfed, yet Brig still can’t beat her into the top 3.

She strikes me as the beneficiary of other heroes strength more than her own, fitting in with other heroes strengths well rather than really defining things.

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“herp derp the top 1% of players use and win with her! This makes everything else invalid!”

Considering Blizzard is balancing around said 1%, yes, it does. They are balancing around the top tiers and pros, it’s a competitive game, it’s being balanced competitively finally.

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don’t care as a new player i still love playing her and will use that highlight intro always cuz dat look bae gave me is <3

Seriously tho i don’t feel like she’s as weak as anyone says as long as i keep in mind that she’s a support and plays her as such… but that might be because my MMR is still really low and i’m actually bronze or something .


You do you. Focus on staying alive and hitting whip shots. You will be fine.