Brigitte Shield Bash Nerf is a MUST


I want the bash distance nerf, not cooldown nerf though


There’s hardly any way to misuse Shield Bash.


You were absolutely right all along, Brig is just unfun and unnecessary in the game. Should low key be removed.


And another Nerf, we the best music


Are we just trying to necro threads today?


All in an effort to be given a necromancer character.


Shield bash can be missed and shieldbashing requires target priority just like any other ability. At the time of the original posting I said let’s see how the nerf settles. Bash went up another second (cool, I’m fine with it) and shield is now being lowered to 500 (a nurf which I think is warranted). If she’s nurfed further I think her self healing is next


She is a required counter. If she gets nerfed to uselessness, they will have to release another hero just like her.

And then we have 2 Bridgettes


Last time I checked, Brigitte has to be in melee range to hit people with shield bash. This makes her a giant, slow moving target for things like melee from tanks, beams, and splash damage.

Last time I checked, melee goes through her shield. Last time I checked, beams can hit her around her shield. Last time I checked, splash damage hits her around her shield.

Oh, and last time I checked, her shield can and will get bursted down pretty quickly if she’s focused during a team fight, and, last time I checked, it’s generally a pretty good and widely used tactic to focus down healers.

Have a good one. :slight_smile:


yes and nerfing shield bash does what exactly? oh yea, remove something that punishes your mistakes. Shocker that people want it removed.

How about instead of gutting/removing something without thinking of the indirect consequences. We think of an ulterior way.

Doomfist, brig, sombra, ana. Cc has become meta in ranked and thats obvious, you cant just nerf CC directly tho, thatd bring back dive and mobility creep, probably even stronger than it was previously, and i really dont think thats a wise idea.

So, introduce anti cc. Cleanses, Cc reduction, more cc immunity. This indirectly nerfs cc and if done properly doesnt make cc worthless, while also not making an anti cc creep. makes cc more fun to fight as now theres counterplay, without overwhelming it.



I guess being within melee range of the enemy team with a tiny, one direction, shield and zero mobility isn’t being at risk at all?


Well last time I checked, I’m clearly right because Brig not only received a nerf to her CD after this post, but is getting another nerf soon, minus 100 hp to that shield :slight_smile:

Apparently being on or near the objective is a mistake.
Oh look, it appears you currently main Brig in comp, much more than any other characters. I wonder why that is. Mayyyyyybe it’s because you know she’s too powerful right now, and is well deserving of her nerf.


being in brigs 7m bash range instead of your tank when her bash is usable is a mistake yes. Last time i checked its the tanks job to take in CC, while dps and supports can stay farther back.

and my ranked stats arent accurate. I havent actually played ranked since s10. I am a tank player at heart and only learned brig due to being a character i was interested in as she reminded me a lot of rein.

you also ignored the rest of my point where i did give some helpful ideas. But no, youre probably one of the same people that complained about hog when you get hooked when hog wasnt garbage.

Brig is not the problem. CC is, nerfing CC itself directly is very bad for balancing, to help with balancing and more fun(counterplay), add more anti cc.


This is such bad sentence structure… not to mention there are dozens of posts that go into great detail about how anti-tank Brig is. I believe those posts are correct. Your comment about being close to her is moot anyway due to her ability to close distances and attack.

And if you don’t believe me…

Solid evidence from Blizz right there.


That’s a new excuse. Not believing it.

You completely main’d her for a season. 10 hours as her vs your next most used character, which only has 3. I love when people try to explain away their over abundance of their use of Brig in competitive mode.

Because you don’t have a point. But if I absolutely must…

That one ability is more than just CC. The ability also simultaneously shields her from damage and deals 50 damage at the same time. My suggestion is to either increase the CD (which they thankfully did twice since her release) or take away the stun, which is an incredibly powerful ability all on it’s own.

Heck, McCree’s stun does half the damage, lasts .7 seconds as opposed to Brig’s 1 full second, is 5 meters in range instead of 6, has a longer cooldown by 3 seconds, doesn’t shield him from damage at all while he closes distance, and he does absolutely fine with it.

These will do nothing for one second stuns. If we were talking about Mei’s freeze or being hacked, you might have a point. We’re talking about stuns here, since that’s Brig’s ability.

You just said not to nerf CC directly, then went on to say the exact opposite here.

That would only come through new characters, which wouldn’t help old ones, or would involve character reworks, which could unbalance characters who already do well. Why rework a bunch of people to fix one person with one ridiculous ability?

Or… you can do like I said (and again, what Blizz did twice) and increase the CD so she’s not shutting down abilities left and right.
Also… as an added bonus, you can reduce her shield HP (which Blizz is doing now) so it’s easier to get rid of the pesky ability in the first place. There’s a great idea!

Now let’s take a look at your recent post again.

Nope. The point of flank DPS is not to stay back.

Wow, rude much? I believe most people complained about Hook 1.0, where they were getting hooked through walls and around corners.
Also, complaining about abilities doesn’t mean that the complainers are wrong. I made this original post way back in April, and it turns out Blizz agrees she needed (and still needs) nerfs to that particular ability. The people who complained about Hog’s original Hook were also right, because you shouldn’t be able to get hooked through walls, through floors, and around corners.
People want balance so the game feels more fair. Thus, complaints. No, not all of those complaints are valid. But I’m glad to see that the developers at Blizz agreed that Hog’s old Hook needed a rework, and Brigs Bash needed appropriate nerfing.

At the end of the day, my original post from months ago turned out to be right. Brig got nerfs since, and she’s getting more soon.
You are fighting a lost battle.


Lol it’s really not that hard to just hold off your ult until you’re 10m or so away from the other team’s Brig.


Doesn’t it put her at the highest risk of danger since she can’t do anything without it?

It’s been nerfed twice already… I think she’s in a solid place right now.


im talking about hog right before he got his damage gutted, not his hook being fixed.

flank dps pre brig didnt have even remotely reliable counterplay hence why they were top dps for an eternity or since the beginning of the game. They have counterplay now.

she doesnt shut down abilities ‘left and right’. 7s is long enough of a cd and they wont be nerfing it further, shield bashs latest nerf wasnt needed as the only reason shes picked so high now(which is higher than she was on release in comp and in the full s10-s11) is due to doomfist and goats.

a lot of characters rn that arent mobile(aka dive characters) could use anti cc. Rein is a perfect example. And brig is not ridiculous and is not the problem. CC is the problem, CC became a problem after sombra got introduced. However due to her, and doomfists unpopularity and being bad for 90% of their lifetime, cc was ignored till brig.

nerfing cc directly is directly nerfing the effect to where it always does less. cc reduction on an ability or passive when an ability is used makes it so cc has counterplay but isnt directly nerfed.

brigs stun isnt even the problem with the game rn, its cc as a whole, as i said this has been a growing problem that was ignored till brig ever since sombras release.

and ill take away tracers blinks since we want to talk about gutting a character here.

Mccrees is riskier and more punishing because it is more rewarding by a good mccree, if a good mccree hits his stun that target is dead unless its a tank, brig dies in 2 headshots which one headshot is easy to do before she shields. Mccree has far more killing power.

and you cant deal with brig when i can, brig is extremely easy to deal with unless she is being pocketed. This shows that you lack the game sense positioning or just skill in general to deal with her.

yea, i mained her for a season, so what? i didnt rank up, i was diamond in s3/s4 as a rein main, still diamond as a brig/rein/zen/mercy player.

cool, i dont mind if you dont believe it, at least i have my stats showing.

oh you mean when the developers pander to the 70-80% of the playerbase which is garbage at the game that cant even try to kill brig because they think shes immortal when she isnt unless shes pocketed/nanod/ulting. Yea solid evidence right there.

she legitimately cannot close distance unless your team is allowing her team to push in, where is your tank? why is your reinhardt not doing his job, the tanks job is to take the cc because they can survive it, and if brig is managing to kill the backline not only is that a failure on the tank but the team itself because unless shes extremely enabled by others she will die.


Ok it’s been many months do you feel a little better now

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