Brigitte is how the devs want her to be

You are quite fearful of another Brigitte nerf, aren’t you?


This post is illegal.

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It’s literally the only thing you can do.

Her normal movement speed with shields up simply giver her ability to play too agressively for a support/tank hybrid.

She’s supposed to be hard to kill? ok, but not leading the charge, nor getting such strong control on the battlefield.

Her shield bash is also too hard to miss compared to Mc Cree FB.

She does not negate Reinhardt or Orisa, those two tanks can deal with her with a proper teamplay. Especially Rein, who can deal with her on his own, I must laugh every time someone spreads false information that a Brig “negates” Rein. Go as Brig against someone who can actually play Rein and see what happens.


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Blizzard cannot hold the players hands forever. They cannot keep making changes just because players die and they get their feelings hurt

They cannot make changes based on player perception of skill because in the most skill group her pick rates are dropping and they have no problems with her.

They cannot keep making changes based on the Crying of, “She is unfun to play against” Every player finds smehing unfun to play against.


I don’t mean in a 1v1.

Both teams face off against each other Reinhardt to Reinhardt. Having Brigitte with one of them gives a massive advantage to one side. More than a Lucio or Zenyatta would.

That’s what I’m talking about.


And yet they are still nerfing her :thinking:


(Your pool of tears do not count as proof)

The one where momentum things stun her as well? like charge +bash= both lying down? Please don’t make me get it.

go get where the Devs said another nerf is coming. I will wait. i have another 5 hours easy of sitting here

The only thing that annoys me is you can’t walk in front of her shield to shoot her like you can with Rein. So the only way is to break her shield(lol), the Brigette screwed up by putting down her shield when she has almost no speed penalty with it up or you play heroes that ignores her shield entirely.

Brigitte leads the next highest support by 5% in winrate over all ranks.

She. is. freaking. OP.

For reference there is less than 5% from the next highest support to Mercy.


20 chars of mumbling obscenities

great now you can stop crying, she is getting nerfed

Post says brig is where devs want her, I replied. No complaints yet,l just replying to OP’s assumption.

Checkmate to those who complain she’s too hard to kill*

Now for other complaints…

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yknow, they probably oughta keep that a secret

Yeah i am really glad the collision fix is coming

What they need to do is fix the bug that makes anyone one who faces brigitte lose 1000 skill points

No matter if you’re for or against Brig, it doesn’t matter. Devs don’t consult the forums for rework/balancing guidance. That’s why they have a whole team of gameplay designers