Brigitte is dead


no she isn’t, she has the exact same survivability. She has more heals and same health. She does less damage which is fine cause her heals weren’t based on the amount of damage


oh :slight_smile:


Good I’m happy



But her ability to get a pick was a major bonus to surviving. Her standard combo will now do 120 damage requiring an additional 1 second to confirm a kill. Against most targets that would normally be “picked” that’s a lot of time to launch pretty damaging combos since she wouldn’t have a shield to make that happen.

Take McRee for instance. With his new buffs a direct attack by brig could be countered by an instant delete with stun grenade and left-click with his new buffs.

Junk Rat: Concussion, Right click, Punch

Hanzo: Storm Arrow x4

Soldier: Helix, Rifle x1 second.

Genji: Deflect, Swift-strike escape.

Tracer: Recall

Widow: Grapple

Mercy: GA

Lucio: Boop, Speed Boost

Doomfist: lol

Moira: Fade, Damage orb, drain

Torb: Overload, Shotty

She literally doesn’t have the umph to survive an engage with pretty much anything at this point. And anything she could possibly out fight can escape with one button.

If you wanted group heals after the nerf, Lucio or Moira would be the more logical choices every time.


Well clearly, everyones is that’s how winning fights works, you survive.
I’m not even gonna bother cause you’re a troll, McCrees left click wasn’t buffed


Yeah and in most match-ups with any dps, she won’t.

McRee’s buffs are in the same PTR patch. He’s getting +10 dmg per bullet to fan the hammer.


Too many refused to adapt and chose to complain. And now another character becomes less fun to play. So sad.


Our suffering is coming to an end!


You said his left click was buffed, but Fan the Hammer is his right click lol.


Thank you jesus.
Just kidding she isn’t dead, some people just need to learn how to handle a nerf


Two nerfs, in a row, without them even going live yet to test if one was enough.

She wont have enough damage, or healing, or tanking to be a good choice over the other off-tanks and off-healers.




Moira is not fine, now that Mercy has been buffed she is probably the weakest support in the game right now.


Still, the buffs I’m referring to were obvious enough even a Top 500 should know what I’m talking about.


Quick! Someone make a Crab Rave meme about Brig being dead so I can watch it for 8 hours straight.


It’s going to be really interesting to see a support lineup with Ana at the top and the rest of them fighting for second place. But only Lucio and Zen have a chance at that.

Just imagine, we could be looking at half the support class be trash-tier. Half.


That’s usually how a jack of all trades character works. Remember, Jack of all trades, master of none.
If brig tanked as much as rein why pick rein?
If brig healed as much as ana why pick ana?
If brig damaged as much as tracer why pick tracer?
Luckily she doesn’t.


Moira and Ana can only damage or heal and never both at the same time because they would need to stop doing one or the other. Granted that they could technically do both in some situations, it’s not as effective as Brigitte’s.

Brig on the other hand needs to damage to heal in an aoe AND has a CC on fairly low cooldown AND can provide armor AND burst heal someone for 150hp.


I really love her concept and I hope she is still useful but more fun to play against.


Soldier says hi. Bit of poetic justice really, considering that Brig removed him from the game…

Now Brig is starting to be toned down to where she’s also a hybrid that isn’t the best at anything and therefore could suffer from the “lack of a niche” problem going forwards.