Brigitte got pushed down the gutter this patch

Before you say “oh another Brigitte main, stop complaining and git gud you boosted noob” im not a Brigitte main, but i do play Brigitte. This whole rework they gave her is honestly pushing her down the gutter at this point. Wonder why ? Let me tell you why.

Brigitte got her survivability and tanking gutted. Her 200 hp shield cant even take more than 2 shots from snipers and less than 1 ammo clip from almost THE ENTIRE ROSTER. Her tanking is gone. She can barely even engage enemies to activate inspire often.

Her shield hp nerf plus with self heal inspire nerf make her super easy to kill now, she already have trash mobility and now lower her escpae and survical chances even more too ?
Wtf were they thinking ? They traded her tanking and survivsbility only for her to heal MORE ? THATS IT ? ONLY TO HEAL MORE ?

She was supposed to be a tank/support hybrid hero, now shes just a walking healbot ult battery that cant even engage enemies to activate its core healing power without breaking its engaging tool. She isnt engaging anymore, this is a FACT, this is so clear it is a FACT.

Brigitte got her escape route gutted her shield was good for escaping, but now can barely take 5 steps and not breaking her sheild. She is holding a Training Bot with no crit hitbox as her shield, go to Practice Range and shoot a Training Bot without dealing headshots, the time you kill the bot itself is the time you need to destroy Brigitte shield.

“Oh but she still have repair pack”, yea she have 3 repair packs that can barely help her team survive in an ambush. Not to mention, repair packs cooldown is very long, what is she supposed to do when she cant activate inspire and out of repair packs ? Becomes a statue and wait for it to go off cooldown ?

“At least she have a shield, Zenyatta doesnt even have anything”. A shield my a*s, she have a transparent peice of cardboard cut off that is bursted down faster than a hero in a team fight. She can barely use it to engage enemies without breaking it, her most engaging and taking tool got nerfed super hard, she cant even tank 2 hits from snipers and less than 1 ammo clip from almost the entire roster.
She couldnt even step back 5 steps without having her shield break.

“But you can use whip shot to activate inspire”. Use it to activate inspire 1 time each 7 seconds, yea, very usefull. What am i supposed to do when im out of the enemies range, with whip shot and repair packs on cooldown ? Wait for them to be available again ?

They completely overnerfed her this time, she used to be a support/tank hybrid hero, now shez just a healbot that cant engage enemies to activate its core power withiut breaking its engaging tool. If they dont adjust or look at the shield and slef heal inspire nerf, Brigitte will be in a tier lower than F tier. Honestly, nerfing Brigitte after this new patch goes live is basically abusing and laughing at a deepressed orphan child on a wheelchair.


She got reworked to a true Support and no longer an off-tank DPS hybrid y’all were so abusing over time.

However, this is better than overtuned, better to start weak and tune up than have to create massive imbalances (as before), tick everyone off and then have to go this route anyhow… This “heal-bot” claim is specious, what it shows is just how much people were playing her as an off-tank DPS, and not a backline protector support.


Im sure shell under perform on ladder as badly as everyony thinks she will and then shell be buffed.


When it comes to Blizzard balancing, it’s either this, or Mercy 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope she rots, not gonna lie.


She was played as a bully support because that was her design. Her healing was derived from slapping things around.

Now she’s completely lost her hybridness and has changed as a hero.

Regardless of whether or not you play or enjoy this hero, this should bother you. This game is destroying hybrid heroes and making all of them feel the same.

THis is no different when WoW started to go downhill. Once they did this whole, “bring the player, not the class” thing, the game went downhill. People lost their uniqueness and their value.

THis is the problem.


pretty difficult when to be that back line support when flanker now have more dps than youre healing and have the dps to tear through your shield then you.

I dont get why blizz try and everyone else wants her to be a support when her kit and play style clearly works better on the front line as an off tank.

maker her a back line support is like making tracer and long range fighter but with no ability changes, it just doesnt work and thhe kit will work better dueling.


damn that’s so sad :frowning:


Yeah it is easy to assume that way, when you consider she is the only support requires to hit people in melee range and drag her team with her to effectively heal everybody all the while, this ‘‘rework’’ are on the foundation of nerfed armor potency, nerfed barrier potency, nerfed ultimate duration and potency, newly bastardized shield size, self healing and armor pack. In addition to that she still has nothing new to offer as a support utility power. She cannot buff allies, debuff enemies, deploy immortality field, provide anti healing, effectively spray heal with having the need to hit a target, no speed buff. No. She is slow, her effective healing still require her to be at melee range without necessary tool kit to actually survive in there. She is not a midline support either relying on whip shot to activate inspire is not consistent and there are much better option with better utility in the support category. She is not a backline healer either because you will be ineffective and armor packs alone will not do the job to heal people. She was never meant to be a backline support, she was meant to be in the frontline. She lack necessary tools to be effective in both backline and midline support. And recent ‘‘rework’’ did nothing to change that, only thing that it did that making sure that brigitte is not going to survive in the frontlines which is a only place where she can be effective only. Imagine this. Not only her effective heal requires her to be at the arm’s length from the enemy but it also requires her teammates to be at the harms way as well. This rework is nothing but a wrong direction. But what do i know i.


Tbh, we should be probably writing these posts to “PTR Feedback” rather than General Discussion, just saying.
Higher chance devs will notice, maybe?


If by ‘bully support’ you mean wild-eyed berserk crusader, fearlessly charging the front line, then yes.


And if you played a ranged hero against her, it didn’t bother you.


God I’m ashamed of this community sometimes, some still think that old Brig was a good idea. RIP!

New Brig is the way forward! She should not counter half of the DPS with a 500hp shield!
And get more heals to her team in 2/2/2 Thank you!

Support main btw!


I’m ashamed of people like you, who think they’re always right.
There is no objective truth to what a hero should do.


Brig is a melee hero and that’s kinda mutually exclusive with ‘backline support’


you mean the same way i can abuse reaper? he deals more damage upclose and same type of hitbox, he should be able to just frontline better than brig because each shot is about 30hp back atleast and that’s every 0.5 seconds. so how is brig any different from that except lower damage, and lower health regen.?

it’s not exactly like she has her shield up when she’s swinging.

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She needs a new way to trigger inspire to be honest. It is hard to engage as is now and if they really want her to be a heal bot only, she’ll need a little help.

I’m very excited for mercy Zen and Lucio to get their patch


If you retrace my blizzard forum history, I was right about:

Mercy was Overpowered after her Rework.
Dva was too strong after her Rework.
Torb and Sym needed a rework.
Ana needed buffs and she got them.
Reaper teleport was useless and got Buffed.
Brig was not useable in 2/2/2.
Many more these are just examples…

So basically I’m probably often right.


I don’t honestly care about what you were right about and what you weren’t right about. The fact that you’re apparently “ashamed of this community”, because of something someone else thinks, is egoistic and self-centric as hell.