Brigitte Gameplay Q&A with Geoff Goodman


With release of Moira and now Brigitte, and with such game changing, exciting ults they have, do you think Mercy’s ult as is leaves a bit to be desired especially in comparison to Rally’s armor boost and Moira’s long range burst heals?


He’d like to date the fictional character that is Brigette.

Dev was going along with his joke:)


to counter dive a flame thrower with after burn effect is perfect


If anything, she’s going to make dive even stronger. Rally’s lengthy duration plus having a strong frontline is crucial to her ability to heal effectively. She could also effectively make the rising tank meta more prominent. (Not that the tanks aren’t already a little overtuned).


Can you tell us what ideas you all have in regards to buffing/re-working Symmetra?
What parts of her kit are you guys looking at?

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Ever hero is different, but in Brigitte’s case she certainly was born from a gameplay desire first. Initially we weren’t even sure it was going to be Brigitte or someone new, but once we started playing her and her kit started coming together it really felt like a great fit.

Why did they add brigitte?
If heroes are ready why are you shelving them for 4 months or more?

I know this doesn’t have to do with Brigitte, but is Bastion on your balance list? He’s in a very weird spot atm.


Does the matchmaker need to be retuned for each new character added?


i am curious do you think roadhog is in a good place right now? and are there any plans to change his hook back to 6 seconds since the reason why his hook was increased to 8 seconds no longer exists?

with her armour ability it should make getting value out of hooks much more difficult


Does Brigette share her godfather’s fascination with Hasselhoff?


Do you think Brigitte is the hero neccesary to have heroes like Torbjorn and Reinhardt see more play?


Asking the real questions here


How are new heroes handled by a performance based SR gain/loss?


Since the release of Brigittem, is the next anime short is focus on Trob? or is it zen?

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The short answer is Yes and Yes!

Reinhardt was one of our first heroes and he mostly just worked for us right away. In retrospect a lot of that was because of his shield which allows him to have another thing to do other than trying to constantly melee enemies.

Genji originally started as a hero that only had his sword, and he was going to be our second melee hero. We ran into huge problems trying to get him to work in the game like that, which is why we eventually gave him shurikens and made the melee his ultimate instead.


Expanding on this, are you guys still looking into Doomfist?


That’s very interesting to hear indeed. This is for the Genji part.


How will Ana be able to deal with Divers better now that Briggite and Moira have an easy time!? :raised_hands:


Has the team considered any healers that would fit in the tank category? Like a healer with a 400 health pool, or do you feel like that would be too much?


Lucio as a tank.
I have a mighty need