Brigitte bodytype?

So Brigitte in the cinematic of Reinhardt looks muscular, but in every skins in the game, she looks really skinny. So what´s the problem of a girl having muscles??? Can Brigitte get a new skin in the summer in swimsuit? :wink:
P.S: I don´t mean muscular like Zarya, does she look like Zarya in the cinematics?


She’s also covered in Armour from neck to toe. Can’t really tell her body type that well.

She’s definitely a muscular woman though. If you aren’t jacked after being a mechanics for years you aren’t doing it right


I see her more as a head-to-toe striped suit with cat-headed inflatable ring thing.

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I feel like this post is a excuse to get Brig in swimwear.


i mean she kinda needs her waist fixed


Brigitte in-game model is nothing like the cinematic. In the cinematic she actually looks strong and has a biceps that just by looking at you can tell she has been lifting weights and working out. In-game model has noodle arms (focus on looking at the arms near elbow that are not covered by armor and you’ll see what I am talking about after you compare it to the cinematic.)


(looks at my skinny arms)



admit it you just want brig in swimwear

but tbh, overwatch is afraid of exploring other body types for women its hilarious

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She can change her body type at will. She makes herself look muscular out of her armor, but to save costs she slims herself down in the armor so she can use less metal


Her armors pretty bulky, meaning there’s not much ability with those skins to show her muscle mass. It’s definitely under there though.

They obviously have no qualms with strong women, just look at Zarya!

And while I’m not really a fan of the swimsuit skins idea in general, it would be cool to see a sort of “origins” skin for her in her tank top with her training shield and mace.


Psst, game is based on fantasy not reality. Features are idealised stylised and exaggerated, no need to get triggered.

i think they have a perfect diversity


Hard to tell given how much armor she wears, but I would say she has an athletic and/or somewhat muscular (but not Zarya level) body type.


i mean it’s a good idea for a beach update

How is she muscular on the cinematic? She seems no different not to mention how do you even know she is skinny if she is covered all in armor.

If you want muscular chick so much, there is zarya for you.

Muscles on girls look gross we need skinny women with pretty faces

there’s not much diversity if it’s 11 thin women, only 1 chubby woman and 1 muscular woman

the male characters have more body diversity…

Yeah, it’s especially clear in her engineer skins, because one arm is not covered by any clothes. I think Blizzard just took the easy way, because it’s easier to design outfits for someone without any notable musculature (straighter lines and all).


Also, historically in video games, people have always exaggerated more with male body types than female body types. Overwatch is not really different in that regard. After all, many male heroes in Overwatch have pretty much a caricaturized body type (Torb is a dwarf, Rein is a giant, Roadhog is closer to a pig than a human, etc…). Also I’d say that, compared to many other games, Overwatch is doing pretty well in the female body diversity aspect.

She doesn’t need to be that muscular to be really strong.

It’s almost like people forget that Zarya is female.