Brig rant, I h8 this hero

True, but there’s not much more they would need to do.

Just greatly weaken/remove the AntiDive on Brig/Bap/Sigma.
Maybe reduce the selfpeel on Orisa/Sigma, in trade for lower cooldowns, and more utility.
Move Mei to the Tank role with minimal changes (I.e. +75hp).

And roll back knockbacks to how they were in 2018, besides melee knockbacks like Winston Ult, Rein Charge/Hammer, Boop, And Hammond Boop.

zen ult happens, then it ends
lucio ult happens, then it ends, both last around 6 seconds

rally lasts 10 seconds of active usage, and they maintain its effects for 30 seconds afterwards unless broken off, not only are they having an advantage of having overhealed HP, but its armor, reducing the amount of damage they take as well, even after the ultimate is over

Brig doesnt instantly gain armor from Rally to max, so Widow can still easily kill her before she reaches that point.

Just saying


Most people don’t understand why Brig is so bad for the game. At least with her current kit and abilities. Flats does a great job of illustrating the issues. He uses the recent buff to Rein’s hammer as a spring board to explain why buffs like that are not the answer. The real issue is Brig and Bapt’s lamp primarily.

6:30 is where he starts to get into Brig

that’s a LOT to do esp when there’s also arbitrary ones like “reduce self peel” and “get more utility”, and “moving mei to tank” legit isn’t as simply as +75hp, and “weaken/remove antidive on X”.

trying to rejig everyone to just force out dive and possibly have that blow up in everyone’s faces later with the same problem once another hero arises (or god forbid make another overly dominant meta) or forces another different problem to blow up in everyone’s face, e.g. supports boycotting because lack of answer to dive and you’re pushing for dive to be perma-meta and seeing the current tank low population issue on supports basically, is not the solution at all.

again, please stop using “good of the game” as a facade for your bias.


It really is that simple though.

With maybe less Fortify/Grasp duration or strength, but lower cooldown.

And Rein with slower Barriered Movement speed.

Compared to the balanced preztels devs have been twisting tanks into for the past 3 years, that’s nothing.

Yes it could be made but again, it’s an ult. OP is just a Brig hater and wants the hero nerfed into the ground or removed from the game. This is why they are only going after Brig and not other heroes like Zen.

you clearly missed the point.
>claims not much to do and it’s simple
>provides a whole page-long list of changes which include various reworks, nerfs, buffs and tweaks which in no doubt isn’t exhaustive (defs will lead to more changes to makes these work)

legit at that point, bring in an actual more long term, scalable solution of introducing a global mechanic to punish double shields. e.g. giving shieldless/barrierless tanks a shield rage meter passive that fills up on consecutive shots landed on barriers and once filled up, gives those tanks boosted damage specifically against barriers.


It’s not really that complicated, just expanded detail.


  1. Make Sigma/Bap/Brig Peel bad against Dive
  2. Make Mei a Tank with +75hp and minimal changes
  3. Revert knockbacks to how they were in 2018, except for melee based knockbacks.
  4. That healthpack things is in there mostly just to increase Tank usage, not really as a solving factor for DoubleBarrier.

Already looked at more of these than the entire rest of the forum combined. The options kinda suck.

Moving Mei to tank won’t work at all


again, it’s many changes. this is like saying “finding a cure to covid isn’t complicated nor a long thing, it’s just 1 simple task: find a cure for covid, everything that’s involved with necessary steps to research and all that are just details.” :roll_eyes:

if you’re going to go this far, you might as well look at solutions that actually DIRECTLY solve the problem in a scalable manner that doesn’t get nulled by the introduction of a new character that’s may be one of the already confirmed ones and then you have to start the merry-go-round again.

because you don’t like them or because you actually implemented them to experiment with them and got not just your own, but a significant group of people’s views on the matter to judge the mechanic?


Considering the bare minimum for “working” is to prevent her from bulking up Rush comps, or bodyguarding DoubleBarrier from Dive.

Moving her to the Tank role with zero changes would work.

Then it’s just a matter of time before she gets buffs to be even with other offtanks.

Put it this way.

Anything that amounts to “defeat it at medium range, without a barrier limit, or wonky midgame debuff, would probably not work, because in addition to doublebarrier having a raw barrierhp benefit, and grasp, it’s also got 211DPS of ranged firepower that rarely reloads”.

I’m not joking in saying I’ve probably put over a 100 hours looking at this from every angle I can think of, and without some gimmicky mechanic (which also has big side effects), the only answer is to defeat it at close range.

No, it wouldn’t just buffing her HP and saying " LOOK! A tank!" is not going to work. In her currant state she would provide worse synergies then that we already have.

Why run Mei in deathball when there’s Rein + Zarya
Why run Mei in double shield when I can play Orisa + Sigman
You can forget her being ran in dive…

She’s already not worthwhile in every skill tier besides weirdly OWL.

Putting her on the path to buffs, would be better than stagnating near Bastion tier pickrate on ladder.

Then buff her as a DPS if she needs buffs instead of wasting time and resources which could be put to better use

Exactly… Mainly because people will still want shield tanks.

That’s not going to happen without a complete character redesign, that probably doesn’t have an icewall.

You act like shifting a few numbers around is hard, but a total redesign with new abilities is somehow easy.

Not only that but her ice wall would need to not affect her team out of the gate

You act like shifting Mei to a tank then buffing her is going to magically fix her problems.

Mei being buffed as a DPS is not hard, the other factor you’re ignoring is the community and how bad they whine. Even with Mei being a tank people will still want her butchered.

yet not 1 of them took inspiration from an existing mechanic in the game that punishes double shield more than single barriers i.e. sym’s primary?

legit sym’s primary is only really worth in double shield comps due to the charge time and the ammo recharge didn’t even really matter unless the enemy’s running double shield for it to even matter. single barrier comps have their shield go down before the charge time + ammo regen to matter enough to benefit more than most other dps picks for the shield break war. hence why sym only really surged when double shield came despite having those mechanics for so long.

that’s even what my shield rage idea was based on and legit the numbers to make it work is definitely feasible esp when limiting the boost to barriers only. legit there are possible solutions there.