Brig needs a nerf

and what point of the rest of their mechanics have you forgotten, micromanagement of consistent flight while macroing healing or back line champs.

There is a reason they are high skilled and you clearly missed it at all.

Everyone I talk to in my games agrees that she is broken no matter what heroes they play. I have 2 accounts and play almost exclusively comp, I think Genji is really fun to play but I can play every hero in this game very well. Brig is too good at too many things and needs to be nerfed.


Micromangement of consistent flight did genuinely used to be a problem, but it was patched so it is now much easier to just hold spacebar to keep your flight up as long as you hit shift every so often. As for macroing healing and such, that really isn’t much of an issue either as the game helps you with a very apparent red health symbol when a teammate is low on health, and the game has a system to literally play a voice line asking for healing when you want or need it on command.

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Listen to the ana main who does not play comp. He knows more about balance than all of us combined. ^^^

Define “skill” please.

Mechanical skill is not the only skill in this game. Neither is aiming.

Game sense and counter play.

As a Rein main, Brigette can be a pain. But once I applied myself to keeping track of her bash, things got easier.

I’d suggest swapping to a more effective hero or playing in a different manner if you’re struggling with her.

She basically hard counters Genji (which is fine. Heroes should have counters), so when you’re playing as Genji and get rekd by her, then switch to something like Phara or Junkrat, as they “counter” her.

Seriously, what’s the issue here? Use your “skill” to switch to a better hero for the situation. This isn’t one-trickwatch (despite what people may have you believe).


I find it funny that you had THIS much to say without once stating what your problem is with her.


you guys really should stop using that profile check for information, blizzards version is always glitched, people should know this by now.

  1. I’m definitely not an ana main
  2. it shows no comp because profiles only ever show the current season and you’re looking at pc.
  3. you have egg on your face. you might want to go about wiping that off.

Just to throw my 2 cents in there. Idk if anyone might of mentioned this but creating a character that has 2 knock back/ Stun attacks that can counter every move in the game , Charge, Ult etc etc. On a Self healing character/Tank that has a weapon that almost has Hogs Hook range. Ehhh you know . Kind of makes you wanna keep the scatter arrow and Hog 1 -2 Auto kill and Other things that has been nerfed over the years. I have sat back and suffered Doom and Reap and Rein, Rat etc etc etc … To get it shoved back in my face with that shield bash and then that Mace throw. I suck badly but i pay attention and know good players and good gaming. This character id totaly wrong atm for this game. just my 2 cents. Take care all and have fun.


She’s not op, she needs to be worked around by both her team and the enemy team.
Just because you don’t want to play smarter doesn’t mean she is op. Her damage suck, her heal is weak when the team is taking damage. Her ultimate requires very close radius around her. Sure the stun is annoying, but it also requires a shield a shield which barely even protects herself and can still die from splash damage.
Kind of depressing that people won’t learn to adjust their own playstyle but expects the game to adjust to their playstyle so they can ‘dominate’.


I think that most of the people complaining about her being OP are close range aggressive dive DPS who got too comfortable being able to dominate a black line against a ranged DPS comp.

At least 3 posts I’ve seen today are from Genji /Tracer / Sombra mains who, of course, get blasted when up against a Brig comp. Shes a mediocre pusher and sub-par healer with a personal shield, a low health gauge, and some crowd control to make up for it. I would take a Brig over an insta-tank-kill scatter arrow all day long.

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I guess i should just let them be on the payload uncontested


a nerf on what?
how do u wanna nerf her?
thats the question.

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He’s got 87 hours on Genji, what he wants is to not be countered in his ult. So no crowd control. “Shield bash is too strong, and counters my once counterless ult, so RIP my favorite DPS that I got too comfortable being able to murder a back line with unless Winston magically turns around.”

oh…i get it now…lol
actually shield bash distance is so short…
moira may be even a better counter to genji…

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I agree, but Genji mains play Genji. He’s a QP Genji main, so he sure as hell doesn’t play Moira.

Although Brig is not an ez kill by Genji, currently genji ult cannot be canceled by Brig stun.
Just keep a distance from her, or stay high ground, till you have blade… it’s not that bad (its not like what genji has been doing anyway…)

Tracer would have a bigger issue with Brig.

I hate Brig myself because she can cancel my RH ult… very unreasonable…

I thought that it could. If it can’t, then I have no idea why a Genji main would be so frustrated with Brig. Tracer / Reaper, sure. But Genji? Makes no sense.

i dont think so… i tried.
Genji will get stun a little but will continue to slash with his blade afterward.
Called it a balance…sigh…

Oh no I know that. I mispoke, I meant that he could still get stunned mid-slash. Which will typically get him wrecked, especially if there is any damage to him.

IMO she’s frustrating to play against at first, but not far off from being balanced. The only gripe that I have is that her Rally armor benefit doesn’t have any fall off with time.

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