Brig needs a nerf

Seriously how she been left like this for so long? It is utterly infuriating to play against her and makes me want to quit playing this game. Blizzard seems dead set on punishing high skill players and is refusing to listen to the vast majority of skilled players who think she needs a serious nerf. I have lost all faith in blizzard to properly balance the game and am convinced there is someone on the dev team who is protecting the low skill high reward heroes from being nerfed.


Her shield doesn’t even cover her body and she has the range of a cap gun. Please stop jumping on bandwagons


No, she legit TRIGGERS me. I scream at my monitor whenever she users that broken stun on me


That sounds like a you problem, not a problem with the hero.


No, the hero is broken.


Not really. She’s completely useless if you stay more than 6 meters away from her.


Look at his name. This is troll post


No it’s not, I play this game every day and brig makes me want to stop playing


No you dont. You don’t even have a profile that shows time played.

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This is my first time using the forums how do i link my profile?


I agree she’s pretty silly and way too good for how little skill she takes to play. Something probably needs to be done soon otherwise CCWatch will become such a pain to enjoy. Maybe at the very least reduce the duration she stuns.


There, I fixed it. My profile is now visable


Brigdett does not need a nerf at all. I will agree that she needs a few tweaks, like i have said in other posts about Brigdett. The only thing i see are people complaining how she takes no skill to play, when in reality, Pharah and Mercy are the only ones that take any amount of skill to play, all the other heroes of OW are super low skill to learn.

As far as the tweaks go, let me put it this way and simple: Sheid bash- 1 second longer cooldown… Passive healing from auto’s- it is meant for not just her but her and all around her, and i can see the healing being brought down no more the 5 points. and that is basically all that needs to be done, a little bit of tweaking Finale.

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These tweaks are just nerfs.
Also -

Pharah and Mercy are the only ones that take any amount of skill to play, all the other heroes of OW are super low skill to learn.

Just no…


those tweaks are tweaks for balance, a nerf would be much larger then that.

And yes those are the only heroes that are highskill. I am new at OW since October of last year, never had a problem playing any heroes yet except those two.

I am betting there are so many other that would agree that Pharah and Mercy being the only two highskill heroes are fact at this point.

You are trolling if you think that pharah and mercy are the only high skill heros in the game.


you would be trolling thinking they are not, like i said i am not the only one to only have problems learn them because of their high skill cap compared to any other hero in the game.

Its ok that you want to be ignorant to the facts and that you are having a hard time learning how to play something as simple as a genji or sombra for that matter.

I am laughing at your failed attempt to try to prove a non-existent point.

Looks up profile.
87hrs on genji in qp.

Complains about a hero designed to counter him.

How about you swap & play her counter.
She has lots.
Kill her at range easy.
Don’t get into melee with her.
Pretty simple really


Tracer, Genji, McCree and Widow are the highest skill heroes in the game.

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I’m confused as to what makes you think that Pharah and Mercy are the only two high-skill heroes in the game. One legitimately is a lock-on hero, and the other forgives misses by having splash damage. If you’re argument is ‘positioning,’ that could really only apply to Pharah, as Mercy can easily fix her positioning with another lock-on in Guardian Angel.

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