Brig has a 4.49% pickrate & 58.26% winrate this week in GM

Except this has been a trend across all ranks since her rework. :thinking:

Brig is just an inherently effective hero due to game/mode design.

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If they eliminate the need to proc inspire that would improve her kit immensely

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On the other hand, trying to mess with that is risky. Brig is effective in her current state and has a unique playstyle (even if it’s wierd given her kit and lore) and I’m not sure if sacrificing that to go back to old Brig would be good. Especially if we get a weak nerfed old Brig.

I think it’s weird cause years ago people demanded to make sym more defence/offence oriented because that’s what her entire kit encouraged but for brig they’re like “nah fam remove her teeth and make her do more healing who cares that goats already does too much healing”

I understand your point, it was included in my OP. My point is Brig does not have a low pickrate to inflate her winrate. She has a high pickrate and one of the highest winrates in the game.

Yep! Definitely very strong in the right hands, but also counterable (which is how it should be)

Her kit does not conflict with her gameplay. For some reason though, your interpretation of her balance/kit isn’t entirely uncommon, there seem to be a decent amount of people who feel the same way.

You’re playing her wrong if you’re playing her far behind the front line.

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i think the issue for brig is that she’s in contention with lucio.
but lucio does have higher single target damage, higher mobility and a bigger boop and an ultimate that can negate extreme burst damage.
and have team speedboost which is really crucial for certain characters
which is really good and much more noticeable than what brig brings to the team.

but brig is a way better combo character than lucio imo.

Its fifth amongst 7 support in gm and second from the bottom for all ranks.

It’s very low

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Overbuff is wrong. Please stop looking at it.

The devs said Solider was 5th out of just the dps in terms of winrate and Overbuff said he was first out of all of the heros.

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I don’t enjoy re-spawn simulator, so no.

As much as it is a special unique time to watch my team members play the game, when your shield only has 200 health, you aren’t going to last too long “on the front line”. I think you and I have different ideas of what a “front line” is.

You would think after Goodman posted the Soldier 76 numbers, in bright orange text, that had a 4% or so discrepancy between the Blizzard data and Overbuff, it would be enough proof for people to stop using it. But no, they still will.


No i still say she’s niche, cause she is, its just the meta changed to brawler comps which is her niche


I’d like them to give her some QoL buffs, like better out of combat healing for herself and the team, and a visual indicator of Repair stacks I’m holding for my teammates’ benefit. Who knows, maybe that would give her pick rate a bit of a boost. I enjoy playing her when I have a support who’ll throw a heal my way, though.

From the Dive hard counter she became the Dive meta herself. Shes fine but enabled by meta right now. Far from OP.

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Omnic meta is better? Which do you prefer where are you getting your info from?

you understand that a 4% pickrate is not niche correct?

You understand there are 7 support all basically have very high pickrates but a few. So that means the community goes out of their way to not play her.

I dont get my stats from anywhere. The only thing we can trust is what the devs say, and also stats from the OWL.

Brig has a few advantages:

  1. Armor overheal. This is a huge synergy with dive DPS like Genji or Doomfist.
  2. Great dps heals, in general. Brig is an amazing triage healer. She can get health to a damaged DPS nearly instantly, even if they’re diving, actively in combat, or evading. You don’t have to pause and aim like Ana, or go over and risk death like Mercy. Brig is one of the only DPS focused healers in the game.
  3. All the CC. Between a stun and a boop, Brig brings a lot of CC to the team. It’s really helpful, particularly against dive tanks (you can straight up NOPE a Winston dive if you react and aim fast). It really helps against Doomfist, Winston, Dva, Wrecking Ball, and Reaper in particularly.

Strong in average hands, you mean?

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Armor packs is clunky at best to play and rely on. Her inspire is the meat and potatoes of her healing kit.

I mean, yeah, you need inspire, but armor packs are extremely powerful and useful. Having both armors packs and inspire is kind of like having Zenyatta and Lucio’s healing on the same character.