Bought Overwatch on nintendo switch in a store and are pissed

Went happy as hell today by 35 min buss to my local game store and got Overwatch for my sweet nintendo switch and came home 50 min later to get angry as hell because.

  1. You get a box with a code in it,so no game card and that is shi…y. I could just download it from the store and saved time.

  2. I cant play it because a download is required, but here is the real sh.t thing, its not available until tonight i think here in sweden hmmm

3.i cant return the game because of the NO gamecard if i would like to do so in the future

  1. It was more expensive in the local game store but i wanted to have it with the box and the game card and had no clue i was getting no game card and just a box and that it cant be played until tonight.

  2. What reason do blizzard have to mess with me by giving me a small plastic case with no game card in it.

  3. After this sad sh.t im not supporting blizzards bull any more or their kicking pro players out for being human and have freedom of speach.

7.i still hope everyone has a better day and sorry for my bad spelling. Mr Ronnie The Animal


I found out earlier in the week and I’m not even interested in it (don’t remember how I found out)…but I assumed this was just common knowledge if I was able to find out :man_shrugging:t2:

This was announced in advance.

It has the patch that isn’t out yet… it goes live when the patch does.

Common practice, some people enjoy the box art.


wouldn’t it say on the box or something that there’s no cartridge? do you not read about the things you are purchasing?


I was planning on getting a switch version of OW on Christmas but after this china stuff I won’t be giving them any money

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Not surprising that devs have been finding ways to avoid putting their game on a cart to save money for Switch.

Did they really not put any big labels on the box like “GAME NOT INCLUDED”? I dunno if it’s common practice to do that or not because I haven’t bought a game in a store for years, but I’d be pretty annoyed if it didn’t have a noticeable label.

Sadly the days of putting a game in a box and selling it are coming to a close. If nothing changes, games as a service are going to be the norm going forward and having physical copies will largely be obsolete (they kind of already are). Over time they require so many updates that it isn’t even worth it to have a disc printed in the first place. The only reason it’s still done is for the ritual of it - owning the box, going to buy it, etc. Well that and marketing.

Since you believe in freedom of speech, let me hijack this thread to talk about the amazing tracer skin which is comming in 2-3h

Can’t wait to get mine




Pretty sure they said they wanted Overwatch Switch to be released on the halloween patch so that means tonight 8pm for you :slight_smile:

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there’s a CD of the game for consoles and PC ._. I think it’s all just a code.

To have a box? Idk it’s an online multiplayer game with absolutely no offline so it seems quite logical to not have a CD or a Card for the game.

xbox and PS4 did get physical discs I believe

It says on the front of the box
“Download code only”
“No gamecard included!”

it also says this with fortnite

Seems hard to miss. Can’t say I really sympathize with op then lol.


Ok my bad ˆˆ I only bought the game on PC and I had a code in the box as well ._. that’s why I assumed there wasn’t anything for consoles either ˆˆ

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empty plastic box? will remember that if ow gets all woke over the environment.

First game i got that dident have it

most pc games are now code only because some people no longer have disc drives, so its unfair to release a disc anymore when someone may not have the drive to play it

I think it’s for people who collect jewel cases really.

I really wanted the case…

but it was either pay £34.99 for case version, or £23.85 for download code by itself ol.