Blizzard where is my skin


I can confirm that Sombra is now a Legacy labeled skin. I will still try to find out if I can get a definite answer on the status of this.


Oh no T.T

I really wanted the demon hunter skin :sweat:


Thank you for giving such a swift response to this. :slight_smile:


I mean the outrage for this skin being Legacy is going on for a while now if Bizz would be willing to give us the skin at some point why haven’t they already said they will? Why would they sort it as a Legacy?

I think it’s unlikely that we will be able to get the Skin but Thanks for keep doing your best!


I would wait with anger untill halloween event
When it was realised it was added with this event i think, so there is chance it will be out in that time mayby?
But basicialy, wait to the end of the year, if there will be no skin no skin then no trust, riot or we leave overwatch, simple


For now, I have updated my pinned Dev Post directory with the latest threads (including this one) for this outstanding question. I do believe there needs to be a response on this once and for all, however, it is still up to Blizzard if they choose to respond or not.


So knowing blizzard, we gona have no respond at all


“Unlocked as part of the Blizzcon 2018 in-game Goodies”

Is what it says for those wondering. So looks like they hated the backlash and changed it.


That’s what mine says too but it is classified as Legacy.


Kudos to you, OW Devs. You got me twice!

First when I thought Officer D.Va would be exclusive. But that one is on me, had to look deeper into everything around that promotion.

And now for second time, when I made sure to read the fine print and found out that Demonhunter skin WILL be available later.

Well played.


Thank you. I would really like to know.


“This skin will be available at a later date in 2019”


Thanks blizz.


I reached out to blizzard CS. I can’t post pics but I was told that they don’t have information on future updates but that it should not be available at this time.


Honestly the amount of hurt I am right I can’t even express. I was so hyped for this event, so ready to record and just have a blast with my friends. After this… all that energy I had is just gone, as if it was snapped away by Thanos himself. She’s my favorite character to play, I make sure I unlocked everything for her. But knowing she’ll never be complete brings this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to play the game anymore.


It is Legacy, I checked.


We have 6 months. If no skin by Dec 31st I’ll be right there with the pitchfork. I don’t even play her and I want it.


You’re right, I’m willing to hang in there for 6 more months. if not, I’ll be right behind you in line buying my pitchfork.


Wow. I wonder what they are planning…


I agree as a sombra main who’s one trick account became my main account. I was beyond hype for this skin to come out today since it came out on the ptr and content creators told us it was coming with the anniversary (no fault of blizzards). Now that hype is replaced with disappointment and I don’t even feel like playing. I’m a die hard overwatch fan playing before comp existed on console. I think I’ll probably finish my placements and take a break tho at least until I can get the bad taste out of my mouth of it not only not being released but put into the legacy item pool. Poor move blizz, I just hope enough people are still playing by the time I come back. Feels like the wait times just get longer with each passing day. But I’m right with these guys. If the skin doesn’t drop this year I’ll be pretty upset and I might just uninstall and put this game that I’ve had so much love for (granted on and off) in my memories like the glory days of Halo. Maybe apex will have a hacker character by the end of the year that I will fall for like I have sambro


Is it 2020 yet? No?

Then there’s still time, be patient.