Blizzard thinking of Nerfing Hanzos Ult

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So a nerf on Hanzos Ultimate is going to be considered.

And my, oh my. Blizzard honestly, wtaf are you thinking? HIS ULTIMATE IS NOT THE PROBLEM. His Ult is basically TRASH outside of Grav. Do you even play competitive? Because this is just…dumb.

YOU OVERBUFFED HIS WEAKNESSES AND BUFFED HIS STRENGTHS, ITS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Please, for the love of God dont nerf the WRONG part of his kit, it will probs hurt Zarya moreso than him.

His Leap needs a longer cooldown, Storm Arrow should be on a longer cooldown, with higher daamge per arrow, with the cost of less arrows. These are ALL things that can be tried and tested.

Plenty of people have talked about it, even Wraxu, notorious number 1 Hanzo, in the world. Its evident more than ever, you simply do not listen, let alone understand whats wrong with your game, in its current state.

The very game balance philosophy Geoff mentioned , a while ago, that you guys follow, you’ve completely contradicted it.

Add that on top of the fact that Blizz can never admit what they did was wrong, and never revert anything, its not going to end well is it? You cant expect to get a balanced game when you’re just stubborn.

After this I have literally lost a lot of hope for the hero balancing team.


The man is the biggest french Overwatch streamer and youtuber, for the translation of the tweets, he said:
“Big feedback mail sent to Sir Kaplan talking about Hanzo, I hope to have a talk with him, even if I think they know the problem. It won’t hurt anyone to make them remember ^^”
“I got the answer! A change about the ult that was waited will come soon, it’s cool. :)”


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I hope they don’t nerf his ult. That isn’t what needs nerfing. If you nerf storm arrows that by extension would reduce his ult charge without an ult specific nerf anyway.


What blasted Hanzo into the OP realm was the projectile speed increase and Storm Arrows’ low cooldown. Stormarrow cooldown needs to be increased to Scatterarrow numbers (I believe 10 seconds), and the projectile speed needs to be slightly reduced. Map sizes are so limited that he’s pretty much hitscan at this point.


Nerf his ult? Or Ult charge? I don’t have a problem with his ult, but I have a problem with how quickly he gets it.

I played a game against (what I think is a down-ranked Hanzo, he had over -500 less SR points than his top for the season and queued with a friend) who got an ult literally every. single. push. We were coming around the bend in Numbani (on attack, them defending). And he shot his ult literally every push attempt. It was maddening.

Makes me not want to play this current season.


Sorry that makes too much sense, please try again.

Not really imo. His Leap and Storm Arrows are VERY forgiving. Both on such short cooldowns, its often very hard to track him down when either is off cooldown. If he gets jumped, he can wall climb and leap, or leap and spam 6 high burst damage arrows, until you land 2 or 3 hits. What? You missed all of them? Dw your leap is off cooldown youre free to go.


Blizzard is so disconnected from this game. So, soooooooooooooo disconnected.

A shame. :frowning:


To be fair… the grav combo is totally an issue too. Although that’s more the fault of grav than dragons.


Maybe, but if Hanzo didnt get buffed, after the meta was nearly settled once Brig was released, (e.g Rein Zarya, Hanzo Widow, Mercy Zen), I doubt the grav combo would have been an issue, because he probably would not have been meta.

I doubt he woulda been picked because he could combo with Zarya well, you know? It woulda been someone else.

Idk if that makes sense. Briefly put, yes, the grav combo may be an issue, but its a minor one compared to the rest of his glaring issues.

I really don’t see the grav combo being an issue. I think both ultimates are fine.

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Agree, OP. his ult doesn’t need tweaking. It would probably be a nerf to Zarya more than it would be for Hanzo. Zarya doesn’t need a nerf.
His overbearing ease comes from how many relatively high damage arrows he’s able to put out. Every 10 seconds, he gets 6 storm arrows, and can shoot up to 8 full charge arrows in between storm arrows. Yes, they’re projectiles. But it’s more oppressive spam than Junkrat at the moment. Up to 14 arrows inside a 10 sec period for a dang sniper. Who cares if I only have a 10% accuracy, when it only takes one head-shot on a squishy or 4 seconds of hitting a big tank to kill them.


I think a hero isn’t designed well until they can be meta without making the game unhealthy tbh.

But you’re right, his dragons aren’t a balance issue. The rest of his kit is overpowered.

8 seconds, Storm Arrow is on a 8 second cooldown btw.

8 second cooldown, but 3 second minimum cast time…so 11 seconds total. my math was still bad

I would retune Hanzo ult so the speed of his dragons is faster. That way it would be more applicable outside of grav because enemies reaction times would have to be much faster to get out of the way, BUT since the damage’s duration wasn’t as long, sound barrier and transcendence would actually be effective against it

hes not a sniper anymore…

with the mobility and the storm arrows…

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It really does need nerfing though.

Either make it so it can’t be Damage Boosted, like Junkrat/Doomfist.

Or crank up the ult charge requirement from 1500 to somewhere near 3000.

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Grav is too good without Hanzo anyway, buffing that ability was a mistake.

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I’ll disagree on that one. Grav was a joke when most of all the meta heroes could just fly out.

The problem with Hanzo though is that you can’t use Tanking or DPS to deal with the Dragon, like you can with every other offensive Ult.

People want to keep blaming Zarya, but she hasn’t been touched in ages. That Graviton + Dragonstrike combo has been out since day 1 of the game’s release. The issue is OP Hanzo combined with the heroes Brigitte synergizes with. But the entire meta is based around protecting Hanzo (who is OP), and enhancing his many strengths. And even then we can’t really blame Brigitte too much because Zenyatta and Mercy are selected more than Brigitte is.

It’s a collective problem with Hanzo at the center of it.