Blizzard save your game! go 1/3/2

Doesn’t benefit dps either. I either get less healing or less protection.

And will further force a player having to go main tank or support. And we would go back into unbalanced games which defeats the purpose of having locked roles.

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I advocate for a 12v12 game mode though. That would be fun.

12v12 QP, 12v12 no limits, 12v12 mystery heroes. Would need two people on point to contest instead of just 1.

Turn off the matchmaker filters for that one.

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dude its not good.

im throwing playing offtank only 1000sr under my normal.
the only reason i play it is to meme on poeple and argue with my teammates.
I havent reached bronze yet but i was low silver on 1 account.

before you had dps players playing correct tank to save their SR.
now you have poeple who dont care playing competitive.
trust me before it was better and you dont want such poeple playing the most crucial role on team.

how about 2-3-2 :smile:


I don’t see a problem with this - a total mayhem player

but this I understand

If this is implemented, the tank player have to be very nice person or loves pain.


I refuse to play solo tank/heal, it is a complete nightmare to play, you end up having to do the job of two people and on top of that you are focused by the enemy team, with 2 heals/tank takes the pressure off both players and they can function much better and actually enjoy playing


1 tank 3 dps and 2 supports could work, just like 1-4-1.

But then the roles of tank and support need to be buffed significantly to the point where they can reasonably survive against a similar composition.

Imagine tanks with a base health of 900 and shield hp of 2500, or healers that can consistently pump out 120 hps in a 1-4-1 situation.

I’m not opposed to that, but yes, the power levels of tanks and supports need to be adjusted so they remain viable and impactful.
Thing is, people don’t want those roles to be that powerful.


I kind of have to disagree with this statement. Having 1 extra dps would likely guarantee at least 1 hitscan at all times. Thus most likely invalidating Pharah anyways.

It’s not a guarantee that she’d be countered but is probably more like to be countered.

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Great, guess I’ll get cc’ed to death every [CENSORED] time I walk out of spawn, dumbfist to mcreep to reaper bullets.

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This would suck absolute balls honestly.


Not happening, you guys just abuse tanks so why on Earth would they do that when Blizzard’s own playtesting shows its miserable for tanks. You DPS kids need to pick up the ball a little bit here instead of perpetual whining.


“Blizzard ruin the game so I have faster DPS times, I’m too entitled to play any other role and too lazy to play quick play classic.”


“BuT ITs NoT EQuiVALenT FoR AchIEVeMEntZ”… so tired of that nonsense excuse as well…


Rip tank playerbase
20 chars


There is only one problem with that solution: even more people will abandon tank/support roles for DPS. Because people want victory to be in their own hands.


Off taks are just better DPS anyway, this game went to crap because Blizzard refused to make any more of them for the roster.

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Off tanks are better DPS, because of constant increase of damage. They are DPS with immunity to one-shots. That also can provide some extra utility.

People want their quick kills, but always seem to forget, that enemy team also can do that.


They are doing away with main/off designations… why is this so hard to understand? They have basically said this and their last few designs clearly show it along with the shield nerfs. Rein is the only problem right now, his shield is still too strong, like Mercy so envisioned as a “main” they are bit hard to tweak back.

3x? You already have 2 dps per game. Adding one extra slot doesn’t reduce the ques times by 3. Your math is waaaaaay off.

If you think people don’t like tanking now then wait until nobody wants to tank.

Solo tanking on anything outside WB is quite literally a chore and impossible for most tanks.

People who suggest this have no idea how tanking works.

1-4-1 Didn’t work. Devs have tested this extensively and concluded it was a horrible design.

Tanks aren’t just massive hp pools for people to try to whittle down. Tanking takes a whole lot more then just face tanking damage. The fact people think this only further shows how little the role is understood. Rein having 900 hp doesn’t do anything. WB the most mobile hero in the game gets blown up in an instant with 1.2k hp if he gets stunned once.

Supports being able to heal more would effect much more then the tanks and supports also need healing themselves (this is one of the main reason 1-4-1 didn’t work)