Blizzard save your game! go 1/3/2

I don’t think you have thought this through the perspective of a tank. A single tank going against 3 DPS and 2 Supports is hell, it’s not going to work, 222 is the best option. Anyone who doesn’t want to use RQ can go play QPC and DPS all they want.


Solo healer would be better than solo tank.

They could buff healers to reflect there only being 1 instead of 2.

I used to solo heal as Moira all the time prior to 2-2-2 … tons of people would always squeal like babies about it “MoiRa CaNt SoLo HeAl” but I always proved them wrong :wink:


3 DPS is just obnoxious, we don’t need double sniper + sombra again

Plus this would just be hell for the tank player, you’d probably make queue times worse because of how few people would be willing to play tank at that point


There are many dps heroes and matchups when u can create space being damage dealer (doomfist, mei, pharmercy, ashemercy, basically all flankers) That was the way how multiple dps comps works before roleQ.

I have to use 20 letters to say no.


Yeah because we didn’t play 2-2-2 and then even 3-3 without any DPS before role lock was a think /s :roll_eyes: You’re not making a solid point because what you’re saying never really happened when heroes were being played up to their realistic potential. Denying simple facts about the game because you just want faster DPS queue times only makes the current role queue seem better


1x6 roles would be too many for the game to survive. Hyperbole about the logical next step is not helping the conversation ; it’s just directing thoughts toward bad places where a change like this does not necessarily lead to.

1/3/2 could be implemented, but I think this game has gone through a lot as it is. If it did, the developers would have to be certain that it helps the flow of the game rather than harming it.

Most responses here will be negative no matter if it was good or not.

Hero bans, I could see. But probably as an Arcade Mode without RQ rather than in combination with RQ.

I don’t get what the hell with DPS role queue compliments? Play death match while you wait. I am only playing DPS in competitive.


I just want 2-2-2 to work, it is not working and i describe a cause. If 2-2-2 is not working, so i cant see a point of being in q for 10-20 minutes per game.

No one would ever play tank again. And you would have to re-work all the off-tanks to make them viable.


That relies on players picking those heroes though - considering before role queue 6DPS comps happened, that’s unlikely to occur.

everything is happened but it has it’s chances to happen. 2-2-2 delete flexibility, now it increases these chances to get throw comp bc tanks are abusing the q.

If you mean dps players playing tanks to “abuse” the q, then that’s good - it gets DPS players playing tanks.

And i personally as a flex player I find i MORE flexibility than i had before. Now i can pick DPS or tank instead of picking a healer every game because the rest of the team is DPS.


My suggestion was 2/3/2 for OW2. Sure it’ll require re-balancing the entire hero roster, but they will probably need to do that anyways when they release 5+ new heroes for OW2 launch.


Bad idea. NEXT!


That’s extremely far-fetched.
DPS queue times being slightly faster (no, not much, because a huge number of tank players would most likely quit) does not change the fact that half of the tanks are designed to be played together with other tanks.


Doesn’t benefit dps either. I either get less healing or less protection.

And will further force a player having to go main tank or support. And we would go back into unbalanced games which defeats the purpose of having locked roles.

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I advocate for a 12v12 game mode though. That would be fun.

12v12 QP, 12v12 no limits, 12v12 mystery heroes. Would need two people on point to contest instead of just 1.

Turn off the matchmaker filters for that one.

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dude its not good.

im throwing playing offtank only 1000sr under my normal.
the only reason i play it is to meme on poeple and argue with my teammates.
I havent reached bronze yet but i was low silver on 1 account.

before you had dps players playing correct tank to save their SR.
now you have poeple who dont care playing competitive.
trust me before it was better and you dont want such poeple playing the most crucial role on team.

how about 2-3-2 :smile: