Blizzard please keep classic comp

Jeff, Can you give us any info on OW2?

That’s a statement from Jeff himself about overall trends. This is a capture of a single day.

Also he said back then that QP had the most players, but people spent the most time in comp.


Could you show stats of the workshop custom games again?

I think you’d get a lot more people playing both QPClassic and OpenQueue, if they were featured side by side of the normal queues.

And each game of QPC or OpenQueue could easily soak up 6-10DPS players per game. (Including those that intended to play DPS, but ended up filling on Tank or Healer)

And besides, look at Apex/PubG/FortNite/WarZone. What they all have in common is that while they are battle royales, they are all fast queue times and somewhat chaotic games.
So clearly there’s a lot of FPS players that want that sort of playstyle, if 4 separate games can be supported off of it.


moar stats jeff please!!

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switch is the newest platform with the lowest population above level 25. the other platforms have had 4 years to build an eligible competitive playerbase.


Posted this months ago, so glad that it’s actually happening. FeelsGoodMan

I’m so delighted to be able to play real Overwatch Comp once more!!!

You guys have made my year!!!


No limits competitive season. Please :pray:t2:


I love comp open queue. It feels interesting again with so many different compositions unlike the stale 2/2/2 format.

The game feels more lethal and your expression of skill is rewarded as there is less barrier stacking in open queue. People are not afraid to play double off-tank because they know 2 off-tanks tanks (or tanks known for being lethal) + 3 dps +1 moira outputs enough dmg +sustain to counter shield stacking


do you think you’d be able to tell as an approximate of how many of the players are above level 25? last I heard switch brought total sales to 50 million but how many really was that?

Edit: My friend told me to tell you if you think mercy needs buffs

Thank you for sharing the data with us! :sparkling_heart:


i saw that you fiend!

Probably, which is why it was tucked away, so you don’t heavily segment the playerbase. And the focus of Overwatch is around 222 so putting them side by side makes it seem like they’re equivalent to each other which isn’t intended.

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Can you separate the console player base by region too?

It’d be interesting to see if there’s any correlation between regions like PC has :thinking:

Hey Jeff I kno it’s kinda not relevant to convo (I’m super sorry for being that guy) but any chance you guys would extend sale of All-Star Doomfist skin b/c of Covid pandemic?

I couldn’t make it to my PC in time b/c of all the commotion and would love to purchase it. I’m a huge OW fan and long-term player and always plan on playing man.

Would it be possible for us to see the stats before this goes away? As in beginning hype versus sustained? I know you guys will probably decide what to do with it after seeing the sustained numbers but the community would appreciate seeing the results as well.


I played this quite a lot today and yesterday and I realized that many comps are actually viable. We actually won a round once with 6 healers! It was crazy fun. Also the occasional 4 DPS or 3 tanks is something fun and different too. It makes you realize how 2-2-2 matches ALWAYS have the same tempo and round flow to them.


Buff D.Va.


2-2-2 restricts the possibility of carrying your team. I can finally carry my team as Sombra because I can punish the 3-4 DPS that try to overextend. 2-2-2 limits that because everyone is on even playing field.