Blizzard, it's time to remove the medal system

I know you’re gonna do it in Ow2 most probably, but please do it sooner. It’s ruining low elos, it’s feed them arbitrary info, it’s misleading, the amount of “I have everything gold but can’t climb” from silvers and golds is on every second reddit post, and no matter how many times people explain to them that it doesn’t mean anything and why they still get hung up on it, like moths to a flame.

I swear to god if another low lvl/low elo/noobish, dones’t know what peeling is, playing exclusively on lowground MAIN and holds M1 on Hog and feeds her brains out, costing me a pocket says: “I have gold damage” I’m gonna throw my pc and brain out the window cuz can’t anymore


it should be kept because it gives you an insight on your own performance


It gives you and insight on damage done/healing done compared to your team. What does that have to do with performance (the one that matters at least) like positioning, target priority, cd management, timing, etc etc.? Medals themselves do not articulate the quality of your performance.

I’m not saying remove stats, I’m saying remove medals


The main problem is that it doesnt.
It gives you a “hint” about the color of the medal, but you can have gold everything and still be a very bad player. It just means you are the “less bad” player of your team.

SCOREBOARDS are what its needed.

But I doubt they will do it, because then every player will be able to see who is dragging the team and they will be forced to take responsibility for their failures, and that makes (some/many) players sad.


It’s just an other version of medals.

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Did you know, that calling out bad plays, makes the bad player play even worse 99.9999% of the time?
In the 0.001% you gotta frame your diss in a form of a joke or pretend that he didn’t make the bad play on purpose as to not completely throw off your teams mentality.

What is you acknowledging someone being a dead wight gonna do? Win you the game? lol, not even close.

Yeah , I agree. This system is quite flawed and it should be replaced with something else. I mean you can have golden medals and still be completely useless to the team e.g. you can have gold damage but still have bronze or no medal for eliminations. In my opinion, a scoreboard would be nice as it would show the stats of the whole team so people won’t just say “DPS? I’ve got gold damage”.


Plays Winston, dives direct into the enemy team and zaps them for 60 dps x 6 - kills/does nothing ofc, feeds and dies…

Sure sure, in pve and deathmatch

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Do you know that NOT realizing they played bad and NOT being able to tell due to the lack of scoreboards encourages bad behaviours 100% of the time?

Also you are talking about players talking to each other, thats not a scoreboard problem. Scoreboards are a TOOL that we can use to see whats happening. What you do with the information is a different business.

How are you going to fix a problem without even acknowledging it exists?
If someone in your workplace was doing mistakes all the time … and you were in his/her team, you would not say anything? So let the person be bad, perform bad and thats it?

Great approach mate :+1:


While gold medlas aren’t directly representative of your performance as they don’t track things like Lucio’s speed boost aura or Mercy’s damage boost numbers or give as much to a one-clipping Tracer as to a 76 who keeps shooting at the tanks while they’re being pocketed yadayada, they do still give you important insight of the game. Knowing your top 3 standing regarding a certain stat is very useful in a lot of places and quite honestly even if your Hog/ feeds their brains out, if they still have those medlas then they’re doing something right compared to others because while they’re feeding they’re still attracting attention during which your DPS should be able to overdo them not to mention the fact that you can have, and get this, two tanks of which the other one can be for example a Reinhardt who is still playing things out. As a flex tank player the only moronic gold medla hero is Ball since in a game where your team gets hugged by a brawl comp 9/10 teamfights and your support doesn’t want to go Lucio, he’s probably going to be the gold medla player since he’s probably the only one who can survive while doing stuff

But hey if removing gold medlas bring us an actual scoreboard from which we can constantly track statistics of our team’s performance, then I’m down :slight_smile: Because having information in OW is really good



Rly, the scoreboard is gonna show you if you ulted after your team died?
The scoreboard is gonna show you stalled payload for 10 crucial seconds?
The scoreboard is gonna tell you have no idea how to animation cancel or rotate between matrix/firestrike.

Yes we have a tool. It’s called replays.

By making it about gameplay vs stats. “Rein your shield is braking to fast, use natural cover more” vs “Rein you only have 2 earth shatter kills you should have more” or whatever arbitrary out of context stat the scoreboard told you.

Nono, I would def tell them. I tell people in overwatch as well, the only difference is I use reason instead of stats - cuz when you use stats, you’re not correcting or helping, you’re just complaining without arguments and tilting.

Feeding isn’t necessarily dying to avodiable deaths. Feeding enemy support ult charge is also a thing (when you focus the wrong person).
Or for example like I said eariler:

This Winston clearly has gold damage after such plays, cuz nobody has the ability to feed this much at once.
Or for example A mercy only pockets tanks, ignores her dps trying to assasinate, dive, stealing her Ana’s ult charge or her Hog’s ult charge (who would have been fine without her)
No, gold medals don’t indicate something right out of context

They should be replaced with scoreboard


Because you’re competing against your own team i suppose?
Will the scoreboard tell your Winston that he’s feeding into frontline, or will it tell Winston he’s not getting enough healz?

It really looks like you dont but ok.

And? Replays and Scoreboard are complimentary.
Your comparison its pointless, its like saying we dont need forks because spoons exist.
…what? they are made for different purposes.
Also who said Scoreboards tell you ALL you need to know?

Again, you are talking about communication. Thats not part of the Scoreboard tool.

I know how to use a Scoreboard and It definitely supports points/arguments, like all stats do in real life. Its not an exception and you may check literally ANY other competitive FPS (or even other types) and its scoreboards.

Scoreboards are a tool with proven usefulness. Arguing against that is absurd. We have literally 20 years+ of FPS and Competitive games history to back that up.

Again - telling it like it is :man_shrugging:

my point was that they are just as bad as medals, because their purpose is to compare you to your teammates (just like medals)

See how i’m making an argument that I don’t need scoreboard (at all) to help someone play better?

And no video game like overwatch

Null point too.
Medals are bad because they lack context. They are not compared against anything (several people can have gold, its not unique)

Scoreboards DO add contextualization of the stats. You can even add an arrow to indicate if you are above, below or on average for the stats of said hero you are playing at your rank (they do that internally).

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How? example pliz. I gave examples of how they don’t:

That’s also misleading and useless. Maybe you’re below avarge one game, because both your supports are AFK and throwing. Maybe you’re below avarage healing because your team was so good it rolled the enemy without taking much damage.

I love this arrogance, especially when I lay out arguments and the person responds with statements without arguments

Huh…It’s better than nothing.

And what’s your idea? Get rid of medals, no scoreboard, system that tells you you’re countered by this and that hero and you need to switch?

Scoreboard shows facts. It’s good to have overview of the match to see if your teammates throw or your individual performance is bad.


You want me to teach you how to use scoreboards now?
In which game did you play better with Soldier 76, same map, same score (win 3-1), same comp, same enemy comp:
1st - 47 elims, 7 deaths, 20 obj, 32k damage
2nd - 47 elims, 12 deaths, 20 obj, 32k damage

None of these are stats things dude.
Again, you are claiming we dont need forks because spoon exist.

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Just remove medals, keep everything else as is. That’s it. Cards at the end stay.
Basically you still have damage done, kills, objective time, just without medals next to them. Like the lower right side of stats.

Nooo, the system should not tell when to switch or when you’re countered, players should learn that from experience and reviews.