Blizzard is Apparently Considering Splitting Comp into Two Playlists

If the majority of players which move on to open queue are dps, it will be a glorified quickplay+ mode.
Having no tanks was already bad when it was the only comp mode, but now having any hope for a functional comp if thats the case will be pointless.
If its an even split of roles, then queue times will go through the roof and everyone has to wait longer for a game. Either way, i think it can only hurt the game.

If that happens might was well play quickplay, lol.

How is it a failed experiment when the general majority favored it among the polls? Not having 2-2-2 in the first place was the failed experiment tbh.


Doesn’t have to have a point. Just be a DPS player sponge until they figure something better to fix queue times.

It’s just repeating what Jeff said 3 weeks ago, it’s not exactly a ‘leak’:


Just saying, people will figure out that its just quickplay and will stop playing it, because the match quality is garbage. Whats the point ranking up in a meme mode?

Dunno, it might be fun at least for a month or two.

Meanwhile I’m working on a more permanent solution to queue times.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

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Yeah of course, but i just mean when it comes to leaks in general it’s a good idea to trust naeri cause they tend to be right

Where do you get this majority from? There is a sizable majority that hates 2-2-2. I myself can’t stand it.

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If it were only that simple.

What it also does is further fractures the player base and makes queues even more volatile for actual quality match making.

People can choose either one for any amount of reasons from queue time, to being able to climb higher in a particular role in one of those queues, to any number of other things.

One of the biggest problems for Overwatch to be an actual competitive game (in my eyes) is that they care too much what people want versus actually making the game competitive.

Let’s let people queue up in any amount they want versus other people over the span of 1000 SR, now let’s also let them swap between multiple competitive modes too!

Feels like a joke to me.

Literally every single source of evidence concerning this subject out there, from official developer statements to official graphs detailing the popularity of each game mode to community - created polls with thousands of total participants in the Overwatch Forums, Reddit, etc. support the conclusion that the majority of the player base actually likes Overwatch, so dunno what you’re saying here…

Oh, so the “I hate something so everyone else must hate it as well” line?

Yeah… :man_facepalming:


Only because its seen as the “official” competitive mode compared to the far superior open queue.

Pot calling the kettle black much.

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I’m sorry but this seems like just another scapegoat to be honest… :confused:

Your opinion, which I respect but totally disagree with.

Ehhh, what?

And, once again, nobody knows anything about it, so we have to rely on leaks.

Top level communication there, Blizzard. Bored.

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On “general majority” you mean small group of supports and tanks, who are sitting on forums?
You know that these type of polls are inaccurate. If the devs were not lazy they would make in game polls with open results to really see which % of playerbase likes RQ, and which not.
As long as this is not a thing all your arguments about “general majority” make no sense since the amount of people on forums are less than 2% of playerbase(or even less) where like 70-80% of people are support and tank mains, who make polls for themselves to tell everyone later about “general majority”

I be fine with this. Can’t say no to free cp

lol splitting comp will again increase queue times even more

It basically sends all of the DPS only quers to the Arcade where they belonged anyway, just give them an ELO and the extra loot boxes and it’s better for everyone.

Contrary to popular belief DPS aren’t the only one’s that like open queue.


I’ve one tricked ball and steam rolled with quad tank in open que, I am perfectly fine with it, but it is pretty obvious what the intent of it is.

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Dont see an issue with it. It gives each person both modes to choose from if they wish.

May help que times.

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