Blizzard delete this topic

i wish blizzard let you delete topics


i honestly dont know either i do leave early ALL the time and i always get messages like “are you rageing?” or something like that as well

Didnt read but can confirm anyone who leaves after the match ends is mad bro


Because it makes them feel better about themselves.


sometimes i stay out of curiosity about some stats, sometimes i leave before potg. Matter of mood


I remember Jeff saying that this is false, you won’t get a head start because the game does not really start searching for a new game until the results of the last game are finalized.

But you can still prefer looking at the menu timer instead of a result screen of course


I don’t get the logic behind that lol.

Pretty sure that is the point lol

Eh, anything is better than looking at boring cards or a play in a game you already saw. And besides, it makes it seem faster so there isn’t much of a difference.

I mean
PotG is usually the same stuff where nothing intresting happens. Just a Genji pressing Q and thats it. Actually intresting PotGs happen so rarely that I see no point in watching them most of the time
Cards dont really show any meaningful statistics either… like yea great that Mercy healed 30% of the teams damage altough she was flamed for not healing. 1) this isnt an argument that she did everything right (there could be very well a situation where she had to heal but pulled out her pistol, ending in her throwing the game altough she had them 30%) ; 2) doesnt this tell me if she did great to other healers. Its just a … bad replacement of a scoreboard perhaps?

I believe endorsements also replace the “card voting”. If I think someone did great during that game I endorse him, its much quicker than upvoting a card

Yeap, I remember the post where he wrote that
Im usually watching Anime or simliar during que so the earlier I leave the more anime I can watch. Thats why I usually do it

If I leave a match before the cards come up on QP it’s because I am usually getting ready to go play Arcade or got to Web browser after many QP matches since after the cards it recycles me into another QP match. I never do this for Comp since Comp kicks you out and you then can decide what to play.

I never really considered it to be a “rage quit” thing. I mean, personally, I would say that during a match, if someone were quit, then odds are it’s rage. Sure, people can be mad they lost, and leave without “card voting” but I am not sure how many wait until the end of a match to do so? Maybe I am wrong.

I really wouldn’t mind if they leave at “card voting” because they stood for the match regardless.

I’d say 99% of the stuff I say is ironic.

If I “accuse” others of rage quitting, I don’t actually mean it XP

Some people leave early because they rage.
Some people leave early because they have no interest in seeing the POTG/Cards
Some people leave early because they think requeueing will put them in a match faster.

The last one is false, confirmed by Devs. Nothing happens with you till the match you were in closes.

I don’t stay that long to even see them what they will say so…:woman_shrugging:

I leave either at the victory screen or wait to see who got POTG and watch if it’s an interesting hero.

Fun fact leaving early doesn’t let you re-que any faster, the system still waits for that game to fully finish before you are matched again.

I just wanna be in the queue faster, honestly. I leave every game immediately after the Victory/Defeat screen.

Blizzard claims that it doesn’t do anything to improve my queue times but it certainly does prevent me from ending up in a “waiting for players” period.

So we should leave before it ends?

They want to feel good so they take the enemy leaving as an oppurtunity to double down on the post victory ecstasty by berating them. They may feel especially inclined to do so because the person they are berating is gone, and won’t get their feelings hurt.

Are we talking about after the defeat screen, or when people leave before the defeat screen? I think people who leave a second before the match finishes could be salty but I don’t see anything wrong with people leaving after.