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I’m talking about after the defeat screen and you leave instantly.

Fun Fact, You actually do not find a game until the last one officially ended, aka, when the server realize, “Oh this match is done, let find another game for this person.”

And some people don’t read previous replies.

I’ve personally given the feedback that the entire post game routine is entirely too long since Beta.

The POTG system is just plain bad for starters. The cards often mean nothing. All this and they try to give you (at least in QP) a bonus for consecutive matches?

Dumb. Not rage at all, just a waste of time IMO.

In quickplay, at least, you don’t get any headstart by doing this. You’ll be waiting around ~30 seconds at least until the queue pops if you leave when you see defeat/victory.

I honestly just don’t care to watch the POTG most of the time. I usually wait to see who got it and decide.

If it’s just another rein shatter, or nano genji, I leave.

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I’ve left as soon as “Victory” or “Defeat” came across the screen because I’ve been holding back a trip to the bathroom for the past 5 minutes. I’m not trying to be crude, but let’s be real: it happens.

This is getting old…

Read his post please

Fun fact: you don’t actually get into a match faster when skipping the end of round flow (victory poses, POTG, cards, stats etc.). You don’t get entered into the matchmaking queue until your previous match resolves completely. Most people leave at “Victory/Defeat” because they think they are “speeding up” getting into the next match.

Leaving game when seeing defeat or victory - #8 by JeffreyKaplan

Others have said it but here you go.

I mean, I assume people leave early because they think they’ll get into the next game quicker…however…

For general populace? Maybe.

For me? :

I almost exclusively play Mystery Heroes. Usually I leave as soon as the XP counts if the team just bumbled around aimlessly. Want to avoid getting matched with those people again.

For me I don’t feel like why I need to stay for potg and card,it feel nothing,not rewarding,nothing,if I got potg,I will just check on my highlights.
So no matter win or lose after match ended,I just leave instantly and requeue and browse 9gag while waiting.

O.K., at the topic at hand, for some people it’s not out of rage and some feel that they’ll find a game faster. No, it’s not rage, but depending on when you leave it can.

For instance, you pull a comeback in a game where you, according to the enemy, shouldn’t have won. The second that defeat for them pops up they immediately leave. Therefore some people classify it as “rage”.
Note the use of the word some.

no just an old habit when people thought they could queue faster by leaving a game as soon as possible

Just queuing agane instead of watching moira chuck an orb for potg.

It’s kind of an automatic habit for me, although I’m aware it doesn’t get you into games any faster, I’d rather just re-queue than stare at some cards I have no interest in.

And the whole “end of game” set of transitions just feels needlessly laborious and slow.

Is just something to raise their poor little ego bro, don’t mind them, they’re the same that spam ‘‘ez’’, t-bag and get mad when you report them.

Honestly I leave to join another queue faster or because I don’t like the map I’m currently playing (usually Paris… TA-DAAAA is not Lunar colony for me ).

The only potg I skip because yes I admit kinda drive me mad is Genji one, I have no interest to look a overloaded hero swing randomly around while under the nano effect.

I do it sometimes just because so that already makes it false.