Blizz listen... Mercy Players are talking to you

I’m not begrudging you your opinion, im just relegating it to my personal, “butthurt mercies in the year 2018” file, putting a sticker on it labelling it for what it is, and moving on.

you’re just imagining things, You are the one who are overreacting… mercy mains were having THE TEAM OF OUR LIVES

Where they were treated equally as any other mains.

Look who’s overreacting

“I AM NOT oveREEacting”. Of course, only a small group of uncool mercymains with 1 hour on Mercy complain about her useless)

She is useless
You’re just blind

She is strong. Stop overreact) And other supports still don’t have same power as Mercy, even if it Zen.

If they have proven anything with this rework then that they dont listen at all to us. While there are some people who just yell for a revert over and over there are also people who took a lot of effort and made good threads with constructive feedback. Yet those good threads get the same ignorant treatment as the others. Here are some good examples for nice feedback.

Have fun reading them… or not.


After reading all of those countless threads about Mercy I have a question: maybe, just maybe, you’ve been playing Mercy for too long so you got tired of it? Like playing the same hero again and again for hundreds of hours so now she is unfun to play?


Instead of these text, why not use “she is OP”? There still people who always believe that mercy is useless. I can say Zen is weak because of huge hitbox, all supports are weaker then mercy, just put any two supports together instead of mercy. Even baguette with ana is not so strong as baguette hatters will say.

Keeping track of enemy ultimates, maybe baiting them out, and using your tactical genius to gain an advantage… and then pressing Q at the right moment… It’s not mechanically fun, I’ll give you that. It’s the work that goes in to using the ult correctly, and very rarely to mass-rez, that is fun. I mostly tempo-rezzed because it was the better strategy. Hiding and Mass-rezzing was mostly something for those who wished to take advantage of the SR system (one that I never used).

In contrast:
The decision process of when to use Valkyrie goes like this: Is my team alive and are they pushing: use Valkyrie. Is my team alive and are they defending against a push: use Valkyrie. Do I have to escape but have nobody to guardian angel to: use Valkyrie.

Once Valkyrie is popped you can grab your paper-weights and place one at the spacebar key, and another at one of the mouse-buttons, while you go to the bathroom or something for 15 seconds. Valkyrie is 15 seconds where you as a player does not matter. No target prioritization because chain beams fixes that for you. No evading and dodging because you’re so high up in the skybox that you’re kind of out of danger. You don’t matter… so it’s 15 seconds of boredom.


no, you absolutely do not get the mercy strugg. I read your whole dumb mess

Of course only Mercy mains can count ults, not like zen and lucio, with their LOW healin’ potential. And about, how are you bait enemy? Saying you team group up in one point, while you sneaking around walls, clever master bait techniques, never heard about that, not like uncool hide’n’seek))

i am an 800 hr lucio, and I can tell you right now that only GM healers and above can out-heal us on our WORST day. Because they are seldom clever

Yeye a lotta healing, now plz switch Lucio, we are playing serious)

What if mercy had an ubercharge like medic instead of dmg buff? Like a sub ultimate that loses charge on death? Maybe it can offer 60 or even 75 percent dmg reduction.

I’ve been playing a lot of tf2 recently sorry.

What if sombra had a knife which oneshote from behind. That will never be, because blizz wanted to tf2 but in another way, Jeff said that he doesn’t understand tf2 meta - boring, uncool same heroes, so overwatch has COOL4KIDS shifting meta. Now all happy, I’m right?

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For everyone flaming and moaning about “another Mercy thread reeeeeeeee”:


If you hate her for whatever reason, then let Mercy players talk it out with the devs so we can get to a Mercy that those who main her love to play, and those that don’t won’t have a reason to hate on her anymore.

Remember, the more hate you spread, the longer it’ll take to fix Mercy and rid the forum of the excessive threads.


So we need to wait one more year? Until Mercy players will decide how to play this game?

Who knows man. But complaining just drags this out longer, and I don’t know about you but I sure as sh*t am tired of Mercy always being in a state of flux and everybody getting worked up over it.

With Blizz being Blizz this could take a few weeks or another year as you said, but if we can stick to constructive, polite discussion it’ll absolutely get us there a lot faster.

So for those who complain about “butthurt Mercy mains” and the like: Grow up, be nice, and realise that flaming is only dragging this out for yourself. If you have legitimate feedback about Mercy as someone who plays her or as someone who dislikes playing against her, it costs nothing to employ common courtesy and share your feedback in a helpful manner.


My option, blizz can’t fix mercy, because of mercymains themselves. Look at the OP post - “hurrdurr much toxicity and boring to play mercy”, who made this post? Genjimain or zen main? There two types of comics/arts about mercy - “look at this body” and “suicide”. Blizz can’t make anything, because mercy mains only see nerfs, and complain about how useless she is!

“Talking”. Rightttt…