Black Screen Comp Ban

While quing up for a game on PS4 for a game i was playing some game in the game browser section and all of a sudden the game stopped and went to a black screen for about 5 seconds. When color finally returned to my screen I was back to the menu and realized i had a comp ban for 1 hour and it had taken 50SR from my rank as if i had quit a comp match. I’m not sure what happened here as when i went to my career profile to see my replays to see if I had somehow left a game yet there was nothing. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else but its kinda frustrating losing that much SR for no reason at all aswell as the 1 hour ban.

All technical issues will result in a penalty, which you can learn about this policy here:

Your issue suggest different possible causes including connection issues or more seriously possible hardware failure of your PS4 system. Please consider reviewing these troubleshooting guides for additional help.