Best way to fix Mercy


“Mercy deserves to be useless because she was viable once.”
That’s not how you do balancing, honey.


I didn’t say she deserves to be useless, I said it’s Ana’s time to shine in the meta because she DESERVES it.


The CD on E Valk looks too long.
Why is a single instant res putting GA on a CD? Pulse Bomb doesn’t put Blink or Rewind on CD.

Other than that, I’d gladly take it over current Mercy. I can’t really speak for other Mercy players though.

Edit: I am wondering if you could get away with bumping her base heal to 55… not sure on whether you could, or even if you need to.


How about no? That mentality is the primary reason why this game is such a mess.


Mercy’s current state is actually balanced.


If that were true, why is this buff for her on the PTR literally right now?

That’s not our main complaint with Mercy anyway.


Just to give a buff cause of all the spam.


That change is just there to help Mercy healing her targets, it feels better to have 60 hp/s on her ult only just to balance things. Unlike Mercy mains they want her broken and boostable again like in the old days of Overwatch.


Go with the changes they pushed to PTR, and add one more thing for a fully interactive and fun character to play: Allow Mercy to wield her Caduceus Staff in the left hand, and her pistol in the right, and make her change weapon switch between healing/damage beams.

There, she’s fixed, and way more fun to play.


So firstly it isn’t spam.

It is only spam if one person is posting the same thing over and over and over. That’s not what it is. Generally the threads are created by several different users. That alone makes it not spam.

Secondly… Have you not been in the community very long? The devs generally don’t fold to community backlash.


I don’t necessarily consider Mercy balanced with 50 hps with base kit.


Me seeing the same topics with the same content and same hero change suggestions is 100% spam.


Orisa takes more skill(aka aim) than any other Tank, why isn’t she meta? why isn’t people asking for Rein, Winston and other non-skilled(aim-based) Tanks to be nerfed? Why do we need Tanks at all, we should all just play 4DPSs +Ana and Zen because they take SKILLZ

Oh, why won’t anyone think if the SKILL.

Do you see why this argument makes no sense? Yes Ana takes more aim(which isn’t the only skill in the game, if that wasn’t clear) but she also gets a Sleep, Hitscan Damage, Anti-Heal and Heal Boost in her kit to compensate. She already has an edge on Mercy to compensate for her aim requirements.


There’s a difference between a topic that is being hotly debated and spam.

Mercy is the former.


So why should there be countless of Mercy threads each day saying the same thing? Go into one thread and stick with it. Bunch of spammers.


Most threads die fairly quickly.

But people still want to discuss Mercy… so instead of resurrecting an old thread (which is also frowned on) they make a new one. Simple… and also not spam.

Also the Mods tried to enforce that with the Mercy mega threads… it didn’t really work. Also it turned into an absolute mess.


What you just described is:

Creating Duplicate Threads

This category includes:

  • Creating threads about existing topics
  • Creating a separate thread about an existing topic for further discussion in more than one forum.

So what you just did, is admitted that you all break the forum TOS.


Guess what. I know for a fact that I have read other threads saying that Mercy is fine. Guess what thread you made?

Pot meet Kettle.

Either that or… you, like most forum goers (including Mercy mains), go to the front page… there isn’t a thread on the front page saying what you want to say… so you make one.


So then why do I still see 5 Mercy posts, talking about the same thing, on the front page?


Mercy was one of the most played heroes hands down.
Mercy’s rework was the most divisive change I think they’ve ever made.
Most people see the solution to this as blindingly simple and don’t understand why Blizzard hasn’t fixed it yet.