Before You Even Say It

I understand people’s gripes with companies faking support for marginalized communities for the sake of profit and publicity, especially in terms of Pride, BHM, Stop Asian Hate, and the like.

However, what Blizzard’s doing rn isn’t that. Don’t get me wrong, Blizzard is still wrong for a LOT of things in the past, but this event is perfectly reasonable in terms of celebrating Pride.

All the cosmetics are free, so there’s no paywall or milking their Q+ fanbase for extra pocket change.

And all of the merchandise they are selling is going to a charity for trans people, who are currently facing alot of public scrutiny due to misinformation and fearmongering.

So before people go out to say Blizzard is solely doing this for money, I can’t imagine how since they have zero avenues for profit out of this outside of people just playing the game.


diversity has always been a big part of overwatch so the anger over an event like this seems out of place


there is a reason they released the PVE news so close to june… inclusive or not it was calculated.


Obviously their executives don’t really care but it doesn’t really matter as long as LGBT people benefit.


People absolutely have the right to be mad at Blizzard. I don’t really like Blizzard. But people also seem incapable of separating this from Blizzard’s past actions. I mean, what do they expect from here? Blizzard only to do terrible things? It’s okay for them to do something good/right every now and again.


I doubt they are that smart, nor would it really matter. People are gonna be upset about PvE long after June so :man_shrugging:t5:

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The PvE announcement falls just far enough from the launch to not kill initial hype while still giving time for people to “calm down” before Blizzcon.If they did it any later they would’ve gotten booed on the stage.


On one hand I get you, on the other hand the urge to not make a bunch of products to sell specifically for Pride feels like a low bar.

They are doing some cool stuff for this, though, so I don’t have any complaints. It’s good. They said they want to do better and bigger pride events in the future and I’m all for it if it has the same tact this event has.


There are still people upset over Soldier being gay. It doesn’t surprise me that they’d see anything regarding pride as a personal attack.


Understandable. Again, I’m not saying Blizzard is the master at Pride events or should be overly praised for this, but there isn’t any glaring critiques I can see in how they handled this.

And I don’t want people falsely using this as an example of Rainbow Capitalism when they actually tried this time.


I’m mad at Blizzard for their PvE blunder. I’m not going to take my grievances out on a Pride Event that has nothing to do with PvE being cancelled.

It’s really that simple. :man_shrugging:


Well, what I mean is I’m actually giving them a thumbs up this time. Overwatch hasn’t had a great track record for much lately and all I really expected was them taking Overwatch oriented things and spraying a rainbow over it to sell. Yet, they did great. Nothing to sell, charitable donations, they didn’t make it overly bombastic, nameplates and designs…

They did good here.


Exactly, I’m happy this year.

Did I get my Rainbow Sombra skin yet? No, but I can wait.

One of the better things they’ve done. But lets be real. After the announcement of PVE and the controversy that sprung up, I imagine they changed this at last minute to avoid fanning the flames further.

I only say this because they were announcing pride merchandise prior to the PvE announcement

Nonetheless, its harmless and they did things right with this

Blizzard is an awful company that doesn’t deserve its players money or time. However this event is done right and so to give the kudos where it belongs they did a good job on this. Doesn’t take away that they are awful but even broken clocks are right twice in a day

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All of that is irrelevant. My petty self is still upset with the PvE. So I’m not participating in Overwatch. No matter how hard they target me.

I’ll come here with hopes that they change their mind (which won’t happen I know) chat with some people. And yeah.

How do you know? They don´t really have a good reputation with it, if it comes to their deeds (inside or outside of company).

…idk…dmg control? Lot of people decided to not buy BP or skins after their last fiasco and probably lot of them stopped to play. I imagine, that this draws back some LGBT folks… :woman_shrugging:
After all, people are finaly getting what they begged for years…right?

I personaly don´t care about LGBT stuff, I just refuse to belive any good intentions anymore, if it comes to Blizzard.

How dare Overwatch just do something for free to make people like Blizzard more as an ethical company…


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I was just dissappointed (since his voice caused me having a lil crush on him in past xD Stop…
(I don´t care anymore, lol)

It’s not always about money. It’s about smokescreening too. For over a decade EA used social issues as a shield against legit criticism about their horrid business practices (Chad from Chad).
Blizz knew the backlash they’d get for revealing how they lied about PVE and this event easily could’ve been manufactured beforehand as a smokescreen.
That being said, it doesn’t mean that it is, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t. Any “good” thing a company does, especially big corpos, should be taken with an entire salt shaker, if not an entire package of salt.