Bastion tips anyone?

I already consider myself somewhat decent (probably being a little generous to myself lol) Bastion, but I’ve always liked the idea of self-improvement. Any tips or tricks to use our adorable bird-loving Omnic more efficiently? Bear in mind, my competitive rank is low Platinum…


switch off if enemy has a sigma

When Mercy is buffing you, always take advantage of it. And wash yourself regularly, you have a bird living in you, remember that!


Very true, very true. I alwasy try to maximize my damage output when Mercy is helping out. Thanks fir the pointers! As for Sigma, I have a “unique” Bastion playstyle, where I can be relatively mobile. So, he isn’t typically a problem since I am always working with my barrier tank(s). Thank you.

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Well hello, fellow Bastion.

Tis i!!

An oddly well documented Bastion main of the forums.
Hi hello howdy :3

So, you wanna learn more about Bastion, eh?

First tip, always abuse your self healing.
Don’t need healing at the time, but you have a feeling like there’s a Hanzo within 200 feet of you? Use healing when you aren’t shooting.

Prime the healing, and make sure you’re always about to heal when taking lots of damage.

Second tip… hmm…

Always always listen behind you.
And i mean really listen. Crank the in-game sounds, and make sure you’re always at least mentally facing backwards… you’ll really piss off a few Tracers and Reapers.

(I’ll be back to give more tips at a later time)

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Oh yes, I know all about watching my own back, especially for pesky Sombras. And I already have the habit of overusing Self-Repair. Thank you!

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Ah, perfect. Someone who knows the ins and outs already.

I will return later with some advanced tips then. :3

And in the mean time, here’s a link to the largest Bastion thread existent:
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]
(Yes, it was locked.)

And here’s the more recent one:

[Bastion Megathread 3.0]

Okay! Thank you again! I anticipate your return!

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There, I fixed it for you.

I kid, I kid

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Hey, there’s me

Nollaig Shona Duit! ~WildPants

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This is sadly more realistic… picking Bastion is willingly giving yourself a disadvantage in any given match.

I have probably couple hundreds hours on Bastion.

The main deal is next - he is extremely weak on his own, try to not sit in middle of map behind shield.

I spend most of my time in walking mode, switching only when I need to supress enemy with fire power. Usually Ill jump out behind my entire team covered with map structures and start spamming shield.

Bastion + Mei is fun. Usually when you bunkered, enemy team using tons of shields turtles into a gate or corridor thus closing the distance. Its fun cause Mei can close the entrance leaving half or entire team to be ripped by angry Bastion lol

I think one of the biggest issues with Bastion is that if you pick him you’re limiting what your teammates can do because Bastion NEEDS a team to build around him.

He’s too interdependent

Don’t play Bastion if the whole enemy team is queued together and communicating. If not, easy win.

I have an interesting strategy with Bastion, but it only works on Hybrid maps. So say you’re attacking the first point of the map, like Hollywood Point A. Ask your team to go double shield, and they’re more likely to than not, and you yourself pick someone that’s not Bastion.

Then, when you cap point A, immediately switch to Bastion then get on the payload. The enemy team is now forced to break a double-shielded-payload-Bastion.

I feel like there’s a name for that strategy…but golly, I can’t remember

I’ve actually been having more success with Zarya and Widow Than i have with my main in a long time… ;-;

Sad times.

I barely use Bastion anymore, mainly because i don’t play many modes, and if i played Competitive i wouldn’t pick Bastion anyways.