Bastion’s high damage is the reason he is unplayable

This guy gets it^^ :wink:


Your response to me provided nothing to the conversation, be careful calling the kettle black, pot.

That’s fine? Did I say something to the contrary?

His whole point is having sentry as a non ult.

I think the main reason are so adamantly against buffing (or at least the like 2 people in this thread) are because they’re getting PTSD flashbacks to cheese comps.

Keep in mind originally Bastion was F-tier, but he was a pub-stomper. When I first started playing Bastion was the hero that terrfied me (I’ma Reinhardt main so my #1 rule was “Never charge a bastion”).

Bastion always has a “Protect the President” defense around him, and people don’t like fighting that because it requires you to work together (which is harder than it seems). It also doesn’t even really take much effort because of the natural synergy that Bastion has with Shields. Even if you gave him the Beta shield back it would just make it worse because then they would Shield stack.

Bastion does need buffs (as I think he has the lowest pickrate or is at least competing with Sombra for it), but it’s hard to think how I would. Probably just give headshots back at least, even if he had to keep the spread.

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What does that mean? I’ve never heard that saying.

I’ll leave you all with that, If you wish to find me… I’ll be discussing Balance, if one of our Megathreads.
[🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)]
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (570+ Likes, 18,500+ Responses)]

They really can be quite the informative places, if… Anyone wishes to discuss there.


Do you always resort to trolling when you have nothing constructive to say?

No, i guess Terran has literally never heard that saying… It’s not very common in some places.

<.< He’s not the one trolling here either…

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It’s not trolling I’ve never heard that saying ever.

He is still a problem in ranks below gold, barrierwatch and pirate ship can be really troublesome for a lot of players who insist on going head on or just in levels where there is no other way to reach the objective, that is, levels which have a single chokepoint.

Yeah, wanting nerfs to go along with buffs, what a trollish thing to advocate for.

You are one special and sensitive to opinions person.

Ok, instead of arguing, what would you do as to change in bastion?


Did you just literally not read what i linked you?

I’ll repeat myself:

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It kind of is after it hasn’t worked with every single change they’ve given him. Barrier is too much? Instead of balancing it it was deleted and he was given a ton of bonus armor. Bonus armor was too much? Delete all of it and give him a bit more damage. Damage wasn’t too much, better ruin it!

They mean that They Are trying to Nerf everything to “Compensate”
And they think that we only want buffs.

(Which we clearly don’t but… You would have to read things to understand that.)

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If you’re in favor of giving him nerfs along with buffs, obviously my issue isn’t with you, which is why I never argued against your suggestion.

Despite bastions low pickrate, theres still a high percentage of players that want him buffed.

So is it really worth to convert such a minority?

Well, The others here agree with me, We are on the same page.

So… o-o Yea.
Here we are.

This is awkward.

Phew. What a ride… So will we end here with this agreement? Yes?

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