Bastion Rework already looks awesome

No bc like…


OH yes i am aware of this. But i’m wondering why even set a time limit given how the damage of this mode is already drastically reduced on top of the fact he has reduced movement speed in this mode.

Plot Twist: D.Vas MEKA gets removed. She will be a healer throwing Doritos and Mountain Dew around


Yes please I watch football/soccers without casters it’s much better with spectator’s sound only, even if I like very much OWL casters.

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I do hope if new heroes are finally revealed and shown in proper gameplay that they do something similar to what they did with OW1 characters pre-release by showing a full match from the perspective of someone playing as them.

If you can, try to avoid comparing the damage numbers you saw on OWL stream with what you see in retail.

It’s all relative.


Tp be honest id like to see how OWL players would have to adapt if the heroes were only revealed 1 month before the start of pre-season. It would be a total chaos and something id surely watch.

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“Hey you guys remember when we had a OW2 exhibition match last season?”



(Also thank you so much for your time and attention Andy. I guess i’ll have to play it for myself to evaluate my thoughts further.)

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I was talking about the new sentry mode. Everything else in that paragraph was about new bastion, you can’t blame me for your misundertstanding. It does less damage than storm arrows per second and that’s forgetting against certain tanks a good hanzo at close range could be getting 560 DPS.

I said sometimes I get half my kills in recon. And somtimes I get 30 kills in sentry, 0 in recon. It depends on how safe it is to use sentry mode with the my team’s comp and the enemy team’s comp. The point is there is much more to the hero than point and click adventure.

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I have a big perplexity about this rework (which I am appreciating): but will the Bastions of Archives Uprising remain unchanged?

sincerely I would like them to keep their original identity in that pve. it very much delineates the evolutionary difference of our bastion (updated by torbjorn) and the null sector bastions of that mode.

I don’t know if I’m asking too much about it. :disappointed_relieved:

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Is the team AT ALL looking at self-harm numbers in OW2?
I just wanted to point out how absurdly higher Pharah’s self harm is compared to others

is there any heroes currently on ow1 that the balance team don’t plan to change for ow2.

…Did you just compare considering the Bastion change in a good light to joining the fascists?

Yep. We’re done here.

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Andy, is there more news gonna be shown before the end of the year?

It’s a lot closer to something like 80 business days

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No I didn’t. What are you talking about?

I compared it in the sense both fascists and communists want change but they litterally want the opposite change to happen. I made this pretty clear in my comment. If I was trying to compare them to joining facists I wouldn’t have made the alternative communism, I would have made it the left-wing in general. Whenever you come to the conclusion someone is comparing something minor to facists, usually it is you making the mistake because almost no one does that ever.

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First month of release, with the new heroes and all, is gonna be utter chaos and im all for it.

I think the Bastion re-work is nice.

Just need the following from the “Christmas list”.


Doomfist. Rework.

  • Shields REMOVED.
  • Meteor strike only happens in the area where the Ability is activated.

Widow rework.

  • 210 HP widow
  • 7 second CD hook.
  • decrease scope charge time.,
  • decrease headshot crits by 14%
  • Increase SMG damage by 2%
  • Increase Venom mine damage by 3%

Moira Rework.

  • no CD on biotic heals.
  • damage reduction on Orbs
  • Range reduction on grasp. (she needs to do her JOB which is healing).

mercy Rework.

  • mass rez to appease “the masses”. (but with a stipulation of removing “hide and rez”. )

    • Mass rez Channeled Cast time.
    • Players will only be rez’d within 5 meters if they are in line of sight of mercy.
    • Players rez’ed will have only 25% of their baseline health.
    • rez’d Players receive a 10% penalty to their ultimate abilities.
    • Rez’d players will have all secondary abilities on Cool Downs.
  • Pink Mercy Skin as a seasonal fund raiser.

  • Lifeguard Mercy cosmetic (almost everyone wants this).

and also looking forward to Community Devs to do a Yule Log this year. :+1:

Okay yes yes yes this is the happiest moment of my day.

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