Bastion is not "no skill"

Calm down, step away from the computer, and do something that makes you happy.

You seem rather flustered about this topic… more than i normally am. which is saying something.

You’re not very keen on the social aspect of things to think I am flustered about the topic of Bastion, aren’t you ?

If anything I don’t like people barging in just to post one-liners that basically imply “whoo this dude is dumb” without being able to produce thoughtful discussion themselves.

Oh, you want some thoughtful discussion on the topic?
I’m tired of it all…

Read all 20K posts of it then.
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

I’ve said all the words i can say… yet i’m referred to as unintelligent due to the hero i play.

I accept that.

Here, that was not so complicated was it ?
I’m reading

It’s a bit outdated actually… horribly outdated.

Because this has been an ongoing problem for literal years.
So you can understand my annoyance when someone walks in with 100 or so posts to their name, claiming to know exactly what every last problem is…

I can, but numbers of posts on the forums are not an indicator of anything regarding discussions imo.

As a hero, Bastion needs a rework if you ask me, but I don’t know where the Devs are about that idea. If i’m being optimistic, i’d say they might have something for the release of OW2 - like a big balance patch -, but really there is no way to know, they are not very talkative about the subject.

Oh this is fun to believe when everyone gets participation trophies… but seventeen thousand posts of active discussion at very least should mean i might have some kind of understanding, about the subject.

They are silent about the subject. Not just quiet… silent.

Here, i’ll give you my own answer to fix Bastion:

[New year, new Bastion. 🤖]

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I agree with most of what is said in the topic, the shield buff mostly : I really think he needs is own shield. He would be a bit more independant while still being vulnerable to focus-fire or flank.

Headshots on Bastion sounds pretty scary to be fair, but considering the state of burst damage currently this is not totally out of place. With lower ammo it might work. Though I personnaly would prefer to see a global tone down of burst damage (and if the dev ever goes in that way, I think Bastion could still be improved in the utility/defense department to give him a bit more survivability on his own). The only concern I see about buffing this aspect is the fear of him being once again too powerful once the team works around him. Improving his independency could backfire by power-creeping his potential in team-play.

All in all, he’s a tough hero to balance considering his initial design. It’s hard to both find something balanced while also trying to keep his identity.

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Firstly, thank you.
(I’m very sorry if i come off as brash and blunt, it’s 2:30 am, i’ve had a stressful day, and years of being ignored doesn’t help)

Secondly, with the weaknesses in play Bastion’s burst damage wouldn’t be much more powerful than… Soldier: 76 without helix rockets… or even a Sombra at close range… and you… can’t move.

Again i’ll be blunt, when team play is involved, team play should be involved.
If it’s a team’s full effort, it should require a team’s full effort to beat. Simple as that.

Regardless of comp, aim-wise in recon mode he has the same kind of (or similar) spread control that S76 has. Bastions that can do that well are quite good.

His sentry mode is hitscan so having good aim DOES help. You can melt tanks with ease but killing like a Pharah before she does you in takes some doing.

Wouldn’t say he’s as skill intensive as McCree or snipers, but he’s certainly not brainless. It usually people that make the mistake of trying to kill him or focus him head on that say he’s brainless. What do you expect him to do if you’re running right at him? Miss?

The reality is more complicated than you think. You’re trying to oversimplify it, but that’s not the way to go. At some ranks Bastion is faceroll, at the highest ones, he’s not. It’s not “Bastion is no skill” or “Bastion takes the most skill” it depends on the situation.

No problem, i’m a bit in the clouds myself, doesn’t help with fresh thinking.

I’d have to see what his damage looks like to judge it by myself, I did not had the luck to experience the era where he could headshot. Him having theorically the best dps in the game wouldn’t shock me, I just don’t want it to get over the top.

I agree about the team thing, but I would like it to be different than what Bunker used to be. Bunker had this thing that it was a low-effort team coordination feat that need high-effort coordination feats to be effectively countered. I don’t like these types of unabalanced matchups (plus I have a preference for dynamic plays, the static nature of Bunker is boring to me).

Ideally, I’d like to see him reworked in a state where he is playable and enjoyable, but not to the point of becoming meta. I might be biased, but I think he’s of those heroes that shouldn’t be too good or else it’s risky for the game balance/fun-factor.

being hard and bad aint the same thing.
bastion is braindead, either u get carried and u work or u dont, bastion can be replaced with a simple IA that would do better then kolorblind

Playing a bad, off meta character takes more skill than playing a meta character. The meta compliments Mei, who does require skill despite what people think. THe meta just happens to work for her. It would take a tremendous amount of skill to make Bastion work where you’d want a Mei instead.

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Bastion needs a rework because right now you’re dead the moment you press shift. On higher ranks it’s basically sniper party meta so he deserves the 0%.
Tank Bastion or Dps Bastion? Their rework will be pretty different.