Bastion is not "no skill"

Bastion is arguably right now one of the hardest heroes to use right now simply because of how bad he is.

Sitting behind a shield doesn’t work anymore, that’s long dead after the shield nerfs, regardless of teamwork, just take a look at his GM pickrate, 0.00000%, meaning even with an entire comp protecting bastion he still doesn’t work. Bastions have to actually think about where they setup now, now as bastion you pretty much gotta kill with the enemy team unaware of you, which is extremely hard considering that almost every hero can easily duel him. Not to mention he requires hitscan and projectile aiming.

If you still think bastion is easy, play him right now. I dare you.
I’ve had a game where someone called bastion “braindead”, dared him to play bastion and we rolled him and he ended up switching to another dps.

So please, stop disrespecting bastion while you play your “skill heroes”.


when hes meta hes braindead

now he isnt, and he doesnt need buffs otherwise he would be braindead :slight_smile:


He isn’t braindead because he’s meta, he’s braindead because of the meta (bunker).
You are correct though, which is why he needs a rework.

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I don’t think he takes no skill. I do think that his design is inherently bad because you can’t make him independently good when a team centers around him and builds their comp around him could potentially become busted.


Bastion being pratically never played right now is not an indicator of how hard he is, it’s an indicator of how bad he is.

Your claim is like saying “Phew geez Torb is hard to play, skill hero”. He’s hard to play because he’s in a bad spot.

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True, which is why he needs to be reworked for a more independent playstyle.
I’ve suggested many times reworking his recon and faster transformation times so he has a faster playstyle.

He only takes less skill when he’s sitting behind a barrier which full protection all game. Without this, he is skilled. Curious though, why do you think torb is no skill when he has the hardest projectiles to land in the game?

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Lemme rephrase.

The hero may be skill, but “X is currently very hard to play, therefore X is a skill hero” is not how things work. Or at least, it depends on why the hero is hard to play, right now it’s about Bastion as a hero, which basically can’t be played seriously considering how team-dependant he is, and how Shieldwatch is - partially - dead.

Somebody playing Bastion without a shield and getting rolled isn’t “failing to master a hero”, he’s throwing, which is quite different.

What hero isnt braindead when theyre meta
“Rein is meta, just hold shield 4head”
“Mercy is meta, just right click 4head”
“Moira is meta, just heal 4head”
“Reaper is meta, just blossom 4head”
“Genji is meta, just blade 4head”
“Tracer is meta, just track 4head”
“Orisa is meta, just place down shield and pull 4head”
“Sigma is meta, just shoot 4head”

90% of the heroes below GM boil down to “just do this 4head”


Firstly, I have to disagree with him being “unplayable”
I have many many hours on bastion and mostly don’t play behind a shield, I can still play him, though have to swap off a bit more if for example there’s constantly a hog stalking me the entire game (which is unbelievably common btw lol) but with good strategy he’s playable.

So I kinda agree and kinda disagree. If you never have a team comp which is based around you, he’s always a skill hero, if you always have a comp which is based around you, then he’s less skilled. So really it depends on playstyle, I’d say it’s more a case of “low skill floor, high skill ceiling”

You can try to make him work without a shield, but tbh I’d consider it’s more of a “the ennemy team can’t focus a helpless Bastion” problem. The hero is basically a Tank hitbox when in Reco mode, and an immobile cube in Sentry. Without proper teamwork on the Bastion’s team part, there is no reason he shouldn’t die against a semi-competent ennemy team.
But then again it’s OW, semi-competent teams are a rare sight.

That being said, while I can agree making him work as an independant hero is somewhat skill, it’s basically not how he is supposed to work. But a design which force all of the team ressources onto him was a bad idea to begin with.

Again I have to agree and disagree with this.
Yes this is true, sometimes it is focus problems but other times it is legitimately skill. For example, a mcree that knows how to flank at the right time is skill, bastion is just a harder version of it, generally it’s when the enemy is distracted and tanks have started pushing up.

There’s also the playstyle of just giving a threat to the enemy tanks, by annihilating their shields from high ground, while being aware of long ranged damage such as a hog hook.

True true haha

I disagree, who decides how a hero is supposed to work?

“You have more disadvantages, thus you take less skill to play”

I will never never understand how people in this community actually produce thoughts and let them leave their minds.

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Common sense decides. You may try to make it work differently, but it is pretty obvious that Bastion is by design meant to be a dps monster that sits behind a shield. It’s pretty much written on his kit.

By “how he is supposed to work”, I mean “how people thought he should be played when they created it”. You can 100% do things differently, but that doesn’t change the original purpose of the hero.

Yes indeed, it seems you don’t understand. At all, actually.

Eh, orisa didn’t exist for a long time and we all know how garbage the sitting behind rein shield strat is. A little bit of poke and rein needs to recharge.
Maybe he was designed that way, but it took for example nearly a year to discover how well orisa hog worked together, so maybe it was intended by the devs but that doesn’t mean it’s complete and that’s the way it is.

Ah yes, i may only have 17K+ posts of active discussion on these forums in these topics, but 1000+ hours in game, and hundreds playing the hero.

I understand nothing. Apparently.

It’s not about the game, but about understanding someone’s point.
No need to flex your big numbers on your big profile : Just begin with understanding the idea behind a message before reacting to it, that’ll be a good start.

Ahh yes… don’t you understand? You already made it clear that i understand nothing.

So why assume to even reply to me, if i know so little?

Bastion is underpowered, and was never meant to be a shield breaker, nor sit behind one that wasn’t his own.

There’s a Reason Bastion had its own shield in the beta if you ask me.
They should just rework the hero tbh, lots of people asked for it and they said they thought about it, but it is yet to be seen.

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Did I ever made claim about is power level ?