Bastion is fine where he is

What will be repercussion in deleting soldier? or hammond? Its the same, they brings nothing important for gameplay, only repercussion for removing them and bastion is that some people like to play as those heroes and you take fun from game they might like because of them. And game is for everyone.
And lose of potentian lore in future, so its nothing good.

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You provide nothing but emotion in your OP.

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Quite honestly? nothing, you can get rid of hammond we’d have the same game. Soilder I’m a lil iffy? He’s a very basic character but a good starter character for noobies. In terms of game-play solider is quite versatile and very easy to learn. So I’d say he makes a good anchor point. Unlike Basiton who’s easy but brings nothing to the table.

What uh, what did Bastion bring to lore? He’s a robot with ptsd… Oh man. He sure has an impact on the lore!

Alright, until you tell us what his job is a prove that he is good at it. I’m not going to bother with this thread.


Go play dva and dont fly, you get tanky soldier with no self heal and no reload.
Robots cant have ptsd, its machine not human, he can be just broken.
For lore, i said before what i will like to see about bastion.


You can start here for your homework:
[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (476+ Likes, 16,000+ Responses)]

Then we can move on to damage and distance:
[Bastion's real damage output (kinda)]

Then we’ll start you on a crash course in what can be done to fix him:
[Some Bastion rework ideas]

I want that response addressing these specific points and counter arguments by tomorrow. Unless you just don’t want to talk about actual balance… But i can understand if you just want to throw around opinionated statements, and disregard any points that are brought up.


Okay. What’s Mercy’s job? She heals. What’s Moira’s job? She also heals. What’s Orisa’s job? To shield. What’s Rein’s job? To shield. What’s Genji’s job? To flank. What’s Tracer’s job? To flank. What’s Torb’s, Reaper’s, Hanzo’s, Sym’s job? They can all bust tanks and shields. But that’s not the only thing these heroes do, you say? That’s right! Amazingly, heroes can have multiple jobs and complex kits but can also be watered down to a few core concepts.

Area denial and suppressive fire are quite different. Would you call Hammond or Torb’s ult suppressive fire? You really need to get the idea out of your head that Bastion sits in one place.

Have you ever played Bastion? Try switching to his sentry form.


You mean like how you addressed my specific points and danced around my question using emotion? Why should I give you the curtesy of that when one of them is literally just ideas, the other is opinion and the one above that is an entire thread donated to opinion. It would be a waste of my time to look at there is nothing really addressing Bastion’s direct impact on the game. It is literally all, opinion, you literally just gave me nothing but opinion.

When I say one thing what do you counter it with? nothing. The burden of proof was on you when I asked you the question, right now you’re doing nothing but proving my point that you bastion mains are a deplorable bunch.

Exactly what i expected… :pensive:

Alright everybody, move on. Stop feeding him.
I thought he Might be able to be talked with, and maybe convinced of issues this game clearly has.

But no… That was just sad.
I’m sad now.
I’m sad for you.


In a world with the likes of no rework Torbjorn and Symmetra you would be right, but as we’ve seen, Blizzard has begun changing heroes who were only good in a nice situation and making them better overall, as seen with Torbjorn and Symmetra. If we continue this trend, then more than likely Bastion should be next in line to receive some changes, or possibly a rework of some kind, to make him an acceptable pick in most situations other than the famous “pirate ship” strat.

Welp, that will not stop people from posting i guess.

No, you are literally dumbing down all of those character to Bastion’s levels in an attempt to defend a character that in essence does only have one job: Sit in sentry mode and shoot. Hanzo, Sym and reaper are all vastly different characters from Bastion and are far more versatile than him.

Bastion DOES NOT HAVE MULTIPLE JOBS. THAT’S THE THING. YOU CAN DUMB DOWN THE OTHER HEROES, but that doesn’t prove his one job is any more or anyless well… relevant.

You are giving me an aneurysm. YOU KNOW his job is sitting in one place, he DOES NOTHING ELSE. That is his only use, his only contribution. And it is BS if anyone says other wise because we can look at gameplay to see it.

Also what about Bastion comes in the form of suppressive fire… That no one else can do again? It can be done by anyone, it is not a job it’s literally holding down a button and shooting. Covering someone, technically speaking most of the roster can do that. He becomes a stationary unit, that is what he does. Cheese and beats man… the fact you call that a job… ust. Bah.

as for area denial.

In all my life I’ve never seen someone so sad, so far gone :pensive:

Can we pray for this poor individual :pray:

Again, no, you have nothing to say. You gave me ‘homework’ covering thread filled with nothing but opinion, the opinions of Bastion mains. You offer no discussion and instead just sort of just pretended like you had any point to make. I argued against your point and you flipped the script. You sir are what we call a milksop.

I asked you a question, you answered, instead of arguing your point you gave me your useless thread full of useless opinions. You have nothing to say, if Bastion is taken out of the game you have nothing to argue. If Bastion is deleted as far as gameplay you cannot tell me the game would be changed. You can give your opinion ‘o people might think this’ but that can be just as easily countered with ‘oh people will think that’

Don’t tell me what people MIGHT think, give me a real point, you’ve given me nothing. ‘oh read muh mega thread’ is not a argument, ‘oh but there are arguments in dis thread’ is not what I want out of you. You sir have effectively wasted… Ten minutes. I’m sure this is a big achivment for you.

Did you just disregard his last two reason of position and get your thick butt out the molten core

This is so sad… Athena, play anything lucio ever made.

Can we hit 15 Hanzo’s?


I have one question for you, why moving or not is for you one way to put if someone is brainded or not? Mobility is only thing you describe as using brain? Im just curious about that.
Also, bastion can sit in one place, but if he dont change where he sit, he gona get counter realy easly tbh.

I can vogue for those discussions being productive and unbaised yet i’m not a bastion main so…

Also yuck, i feel like a dirty feeder everytime a reply in this topic lol.

Now if you excuse me I’m going to go have a life, I’d love to sit here and speak to a proud bastion main but I could probably have a more interesting conversation with a cadaver.

Dont worry, we all know that we watch that topic because we wona know where it leads, and like to post something from time to time to keep it going.

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