🛑 Bastion is being forgotten (370+ likes, 5000 responses)

Torb is getting reworked… Lol

Also, What?
If a squishy runs up to a Bastion, They Should die Anyways.
That makes no sense.

He’s a Machine gun.


Do you think it would be viable to turn Bastion’s turret mode into his Alt-Fire?

Make the transformation into turret mode instantaneous; left button fires; releasing right button instantly returns him to Recon Mode. Ammo/reloading might be replaced with a time limit that cools down in Recon Mode.

Left Shift becomes the self-repair button.

This theoretically could make Bastion more responsive and flexible.

Are you a dev? Didn’t think so.

That’s kind of the point though. He can’t move, so be smart when you push him. You want to catch him while he’s in recon because he dies the fastest without his sentry damage in that mode. If he’s already set up it’s supposed to be in his favor that’s the entire freaking point of setting up. People keep wanting “fair” fights such as a McCree vs a Bastion as in both have equal chances of winning even if the McCree comes around the corner into a sentry Bastion. Who gave up all movement for that fight? Bastion. So why is it fair that someone else who doesn’t need to give anything up to be equal in that regard in a head on fight? If you’re squishy and you walk into him you die. That’s just how it’s supposed to work. The same as if you fight in Sym’s turrets it’s massively in her favor, if suddenly her turrets stop mattering in a fight then why is she sticking near them if another player can just flat out be better without needing to rely on anything else?


It’s not just kinda the point.

It’s the entire reason the hero exists.

It’s the reason you should pick Bastion over Mccree, Soldier, or in certain cases Torbjorn.

It’s “If you just run towards me, you die.”


half way there to 10k replies. Can we reach it before the end of the month?

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There’s another thread that’s going to.


I have to laugh at the ppl on this thread with under 10 hours coming up with what or what bastion does not need.

When us 300 hr players know what or what NOT people will accept is the actual solution. Sentry is NOT going to be undone so let put this pipe dream to bed ok?

Excuse you? -.-

Yea they are pretty funny.

I have over 650 in the game total, And a large chunk those are on Bastion.

Oh, and btw… since you talk like you’re a dev now… can you have your friends take a look at this thread? Thanks in advance.
And the nearly 10.000 post one too… That’d be great.
Especially the parts about Sentry mode.

Chibi fox has about thirty plus hours more on Bastion than i have and that was the last time i looked at Chibi’s profile a while ago

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4 hrs

Oh wow… My Pc profile i use to teach my bronze junkrat main sister.

Nice try there…

XBOX live 105 hours
PC 10 hours or so

math hurts.

And that’s just in Quickplay.

Inb4 “But you’re on console, so that doesn’t count.”

And your comments here, have become some of my favorites.

Get off my case, before i need to calculate your mental one for you.

Try playing hours of Competitive as BASTION And WIDOWMAKER On a Joystick Controller.

Then talk to me about jokes.

And hell… i have more time on PC Then it even shows… I only ever get on to play comp.

This… Coming from the one with twelve minutes of Comp play as Bastion in the current season. (If that even is the current one?)

I have more time than that on Reinhardt So don’t try and talk to me about “balance.”

Oh, and YOU Brought hours and numbers into this. Don’t try and defend or attack it.

You are perfectly free to have your opinions, But acting like they are set in stone, and attacking others for hoping otherwise, Is not a smart move.

I’m in a bit of a mood right now.

GOD I hate the “Console sucks, lul” Community.

Try it.
And when you fail to place Top500 because (It’s so much easier) and go crawling back to your keyboard, i wont be laughing.
Because i at least have the decency to address this game as an objective third party, Looking at balance, not differing opinions based entirely on the platform used by the players.

(Insert Really Angry Fox here:)

Yall wanna hear one last joke?
Well… He brought numbers into this, so lets talk Numbers.

This guy^ Has 37 posts collectively, on both Bastion threads concerning his balance.

Now compare that to 2,245 total collective posts of conversation, All revolving around this hero.

One of those being the thread itself.
(I may not have written much of said OP, but… I mean. i would like to think i contributed a little bit. ;-;
I get a notification anytime anyone posts on it, and… i at least attempt to address any questions asked… I hope i do well.

I just don’t take too kindly to being called “Useless” and “A joke” when those are the numbers involved.

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Relax young fox, look at the stats we are dealing with a Pirate ship player. worse stats than mine and i push things to my detriment, and that’s saying something.

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The online account vewer doesn’t let you see past seasons though so it’s hard to tell.

Let’s make this 10000 replyes as well.

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camps thread to steal another 10K post