Bastion doesn't need anything

No one uses TP in lower ranks m8 :joy:


3.01% but most people aren’t on console and that’s for bronze on playstation 2.24% for xbox.

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That is exactly what he did in his first post, he tried to defame the initial post because of his bias. He is in his own very bias and pro bastion.

There was never any point like this, he was never able to be played independently without a shield, Mercy, etc. Again his is that bias talking. You know, as well as I know that bastion needs, I am not saying can be played with here, but needs a team effort to make him ‘strong’ so to say.

After all, he has tons of synergy with other characters for a reason. Baptise, Mercy, Symmetra, Orisa, Reinhardt, and possibly even torb get the best out of him.

Also, you did flatly deny my opinion in my initial post which is a bit neat, but very sad. When you come into a thread and don’t offer argument but leave a cute little picture and basically try to invalidate my post all at once. That is denial. I highly recommend you leave the thread as you are showing me, and I’m sure these other Bastion things will show me that they and you can’t hold a discussion about the character without trying to basically make up things.

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In return, I offer a different perspective: if you played Bastion right before his rework, you didn’t need to be babysat by your team. All you needed was a team that didn’t fold the second you took cover to heal up. Though his healing immobilized him and was interrupted by damage, it was infinite. Bastion in recon mode back then could corner peek from mid range forever with no fear of running out of resources, trying to bait the enemy into chasing if not killing them outright.

When a team chases Bastion around a corner, there is always one person just slightly ahead of the rest. If Bastion knew it was coming and set up in Sentry form, that first person died. Bastion might still die from getting rushed, but you could be almost certain that with enough aiming skill as Bastion that you could take at least one other person with you.

Without headshots, yes, Bastion needs to be babysat… because he just doesn’t have the extreme damage output necessary to kill enemies before they can shoot back at a large, immobile target. Even a single enemy now can corner peek Bastion to death, without help, from mid to long range because of how bad his turret form weapon is compared to what it used to be.

hmm a lot lower than I expected maybe I feel like it’s higher because my games versing bunker or pirate are either frustrating or extremely boring lol.

Hmmm… perhaps i should go somewhere. this discussion is far too opinionated and i guess i don’t know enough about the hero to talk here.

I’ll be in this little known thread if you wanna talk real balance:

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (582+ Likes, 19,000+ Responses)]

I heard it was about the same thing.

But what do i know, i’m not allowed to post pictures, be sarcastic, or present views that differ from the OP because that’s denying the OP.

And if you think i’ll be responding to you here, have a good laugh to yourself.

This is not true, as there is no evidence saying such. Bastion, as we know now supported by six months of data requires babysitting, even then he likely required babysitting when he could land crits in sentry mode. Let’s not continue the false narrative that there was ever a point he didn’t need a team around him to do him any good thank you. And your ‘memory’ is not a good source to cite. Thank you.

I don’t care about that thread as it has nothing to do with my thread nor the points I made. Goodbye. You can have your ‘bastion balance discussion in there’ even make another one but I’m not going to read your uh, circle jerk. I guess pity party is a better word.

that was my response aswell to his initial post but this is turning into a civil and interesting discussion I don’t want him to leave but I understand why you do.

nevermind I take everything back I posted right after that last post lol.

I appreciate that, I by no means don’t want to hinder discussion but a big thing with character balance is that many of us let our feelings dictate the reality we’re in.

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absolutely true im actually guilty of this in other posts as im strongly opposed to bastions kit. I have seen threads on this exact topic where it’s nothing but back and forth arguments which is extremely counter productive.

What is this grammatical monstrosity? Is that a triple negative?!

If my own memory of playing Bastion before his rework is not a good source to cite in matters of opinion as this thread deals with, then you’ve clearly already made up your mind and are unwilling to listen to others’ experiences and anecdotes.

Whether or not you need to be babysat to be effective on any hero is a matter of subjective experience because it’s dependent on your own ability with said hero. It’s perfectly reasonable to question whether or not my claim that Bastion didn’t need babysitting before his rework applies to most people, but at some point you have to consider the similar experiences of other players who agree with me.

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I feel you but I feel like with those threads that’s when people get a bit emotional. For instance right now Orion is probably making me a lovely post but it will be backed by his personal bias for Bastion.

No it’s not a good source, as upposed to the fact there is six months of data as I keep saying, heck even a few seasons of data against this ‘bastion was once independent’ thing you all have going.

Let me reiterate, Bastion at no point in time worked well without synergy. Even if it was just a barrier someone had to be with him. This idea is supported by the fact we have never seen him prevelant outside of the comps I’ve mentioned before. I don’t need your experience I want facts.

For all I know you could be lying, for all I know you’re probably not even a real bastion player. Heck you might even be new to the game or even be a three year vet. None of that matters in the scope of discussion because your personal experience means nothing. You wanna talk balance lets talk balance, but I’m not gonna take ‘back in my day’ or ‘I am an experience bastion player’ as a source.

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you cheeky little bugger XD

Just wanna state as a fact that you can literally check, i’ve been playing this game for years, i have nearly 900 hours on the game, nearly 200 on Bastion, and have been playing the hero since day one.

Just… saying.

Aside from having nearly 13,000 posts of discussion primarily about the hero mainly. Bar a few random posts mixed in there.

But what do i know.

There is nothing to check as there is no data backing anything you’ve said THANK YOU. I thought you were gone.

Your six months of data is recent. It has nothing to do with Bastion before his rework, which was at this point quite a long time ago. The fact that I’ve been playing since game launch is highly relevant to discussion of how Bastion performed before his rework.

Discussion of whether or not Bastion needs babysitting now (which he does) vs whether or not Bastion needed babysitting then are two completely different things. In the discussion of the distant past, your recent data is invalid.

Well there is my profile.

Sadly yours is literally gone. Heh.

Also there is this:

There’s my stats.

Are you going to claim those stats are an opinion, or… just deny their existence?

Very recent and we can even say it spans back post rework if you want. The fact you’ve been playing is no more relevant than anyone else’s experience TBH.

And then you say your um, person experience is more valid than recent data? Actual data that’s not formed from bias? Excuse me? Okay, I see what i’m dealing with here…

Also way to not even read what I said as I have said that we can make the assumption that this has been a trend for almost three years but okay.

I’ve literally never mentioned your stats, I’ve been talking to Orion the guy who says his personal experience is more valid than actual hard data.

I would say bastions that require synergy from their team is a majority of peoples experience minus the high level bastion mains who can drop down and flank a whole team. ive been bronze, silver, gold, and plat and in all those ranks ive never seen a bastion taking his kit and game knowledge to the next level to be more independent from his team.

even if he was once able to be more independent it’s irrelevant as many things have changed since then new heroes, buffs/nerfs, and the level of play pros have today which comes from many hours of play. and we all know metas and strategys come from pros.