Based on a recent poll, Brig mains want to be more tanky

Reddit Brigitte Mains Poll

In in the above linked poll, it shows that people that actually mostly play Brigitte, would enjoy a more melee, tanky Brig rather than a DPS-orientated Brig we saw with the proposed changes and more than a mid-range peeler Brig that we have now. I hope someone at Blizzard looks at this information.

Even though its a small sample size, there aren’t too many actual Brig mains out there too. And I hope what we enjoy about the hero gets actually incorporated into OW2 instead of us getting dismissed by the devs and receiving toxicity from the community.


I can agree that when Brig had more survivability I enjoyed playing her much more.

I still try, but it’s weird to select someone with full powered armor and a shield with a melee ranged weapon… who takes hits like the soft spot on a babies head.


Agree, right before 222 was implemented and she had her rework brig was a tankier support that wasnt OP and thats when I liked her the best.


yikes, that poll is very one sided. Over half the votes are for more HP/Shield.

In order to be more tanky she would need to lose basically all of her utility. You can’t have a hero that “just survive lawls” and has immense utility, peel ability, and team sustain. Its what’s wrong with half the game as is. (Sig, orisa, brig, Bap, nano boost) etc

Not to mention that having a pseudo tank hero in the support role after losing a tank to 5v5 would inflate her viability already- especially so if she gets any tanklike buffs


It is, but the sample size is very small and likely prone to unintential bias. It’s possible that Reddit attracts the more vocal and disgruntled players, many of whom are going to be disproportionately in favour of changes like tanky Brig, or Support Sym etc.

This one poll, as polarised as it is, actually tells us remarkably little about the population of Brig players’ opinions.

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If Tanks aren’t allowed to be Tanks but need to become brawlers, then there’s no hope for Brig being more tank than a brawler.


i wonder if she could have 225 hp if her repair packs were shortened to 2 packs. though as much fun as tanky brig would be, i actually much prefer current brig


Almost like a melee hero wants to actually press W and not S, hanging way behind next to their second support who gets to use their full kit and where your only mission becomes “stop enemy team diving this support so they can do most of the work”, while you never get to use your melee button because you’re just too frail now to play next to your tanks. Like an actual melee hero.

It’s like reaper trying to play in melee with 150hp. And remember when symm had 200hp and how much of a difference little bit of 25hp extra sustain makes for symm and mccree. Brig lost a whopping 50hp, armor, armor sustain from rally and her barrier on top of that.

Melee hero who cannot actually press W to melee people is a not a working concept.


She’d be broken still.

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That’s pretty much consensus no matter where I go when I talk to Brig mains. Right before 2-2-2, while she has a lot of nerfs but still had more HP is when she was balanced and still fun to play.

Which is why most Brig mains are like, “fine, please take away some RP charges and stun. I just want to actually use my primary attack next to my tank!”. lol

And its funny that people are saying the same thing about Zen. How he’s a must pick because he’s practically a DPS in a 5v5 game without another tank.

Agree. Unforuntely, most people, especially people here don’t care one bit about Brig mains and what they find fun about the hero. They just care that they can’t play Genji. And will complain she’s broken despite the actual stats and information.


Meanwhile, brig is legit the only swap supports can do to stop dva/ball/tracer/flankers utterly dominating their entire backline. They don’t even have a choice in avoiding them, characters like Mercy can’t help deny the dives and are forced to swap too.


And yet, she’s hard countered by snipers, pharah, Junk, charged Zarya, hog, and hitscan. Even Tracer is good against her now.

So, she’s good against dive tanks and bad against many other heroes. She has zero range, poor escapes, does low damage, low healing, has a high deaths per 10, low pickrate.

Its almost like she’s good at a few things but bad at many, many other things.

Its Blizz fault that us Brig mains can’t use our melee based hero in melee range.


yeah, it’s honestly just her shield and rp that makes her busted with 225 hp. i love her in her current state, anyone who can’t stay alive with her because their not shield dancing/use her shield properly doesn’t know how to play her properly

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give brig her 250 hp and 500 hp shieldback and make the shield bigger and less buggy and I’d one trick brig


i’d rather not break the game again


i rlly like mid range peeler brig doe :pleading_face: my one problem is that brigs shield is unwieldy and i will often get hooked or stunned through it. but otherwise, i rlly like peeling as brig :]

Agree she was a perfect spot before 2-2-2.


It was pretty much my suggestion when they were testing her with 225 HP on experimental a while back. Her problem in high ranks isn’t her survivability because the teamwork and awareness is high enough that she can still survive; that 25 HP isn’t going break her when she’s already broken. At those ranks, her problem is how much utility she brings. At low ranks, she simply can’t survive long enough to bring any utility. The obvious solution should be to buff survivability and nerf utility to make the largest amount of people happy, and I feel like that 25 HP from that one card hit a survivability sweet spot at least for me.

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And what about what everybody else wants?
If a group of players wanted a hero to exist in the tank role that was actually a support. Would we do that because a group of players want that hero to be that way?

What about the changing dynamic of OW2? the balance changes, and overall philosophy changes. How do you know that Brig isn’t more tanky anyway due to the new nature of the game?

What about those that enjoy midline peeler brig?

Why is it just about what you want? Not what’s good for the game or what’s good for the support category or even other players.

Believe it or not she will be more tanky. Without the second tank she is getting dived or engaged by less. She is still the tankiest support by a mile. And more. Shield, good mobility with the new bash, self heal, armour hp.

Hell yeah! A hero that survives forever but brings nothing to the table!
How about we gut nade and sleep and give ana a passive self heal with 300hp.
Gut discord and harmony orb so we can give Zen a personal bubble.
And ruin immortality field and baps damage so he can jump more.

Survivability is nothing.

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